Saturday, November 10, 2012

Newsletter: 38 Months

Dear Olivia,
This month you were away from me two times (which might explain why I don't have as many pics of you to choose from!) You spent a week in Branson with Grandma and Grandpa having all sorts of fun, and then your daddy and you took a little trip back to see them last weekend. I hear you were a great traveler as you always have been and I'm ready to join you on a trip for Thanksgiving in a few weeks! When you were away we talked a few times on the phone, and I'm always amazed how much older you sound on the phone. At least like a 5 year old! Our house was quiet and boring without you around, and I was glad to have you back home!
Your hair continues to grow and since one of your friends recently got a haircut, you are warming up to the idea. I might be too since I'm the one to usually style that mane. A new salon went in next to Little Caesar's and every time we drive by you say "Let's get my hair cut at the pizza shop today!" I tried to explain they are two separate places but a trim and cheese pizza combo sound good to you! You also will say things like, "When I grow up, I'll cut my hair, and be a boy like daddy." Shorter hair does not mean a gender switch, but it's fun to see your little brain work.
Crafts continue to abound this month and you really enjoy painting your hands and learning to use the glue bottle. We have decorated the fridge with all sorts of holiday themed art and I love looking at your creations everyday. When we made a skeleton for Halloween we were talking about different bones and you said you wanted to put the tummy bone in. I said that your tummy is an organ and you said "oh yeah like my daddy!" I was confused for a minute and then you said, "My daddy is from organ!"
You are able to help with more things around the house and really like to feed Charlie. However, sometimes you get distracted and after I tell you to give Charlie a scoop, I'm not always sure you have, because Charlie comes begging like she hasn't eaten all day. Either that or she's figured out a way to get more food!
The contrary spirit in you has exasperated us quite a few times this month. Whatever choice you make, you immediately change your mind. If you want daddy to put you to bed, you change to mommy, then back. If you choose yogurt for breakfast, I get it ready, then you want oatmeal (I don't oblige). You want me to play puzzles with you, then you want to play by yourself, then you cry when I walk away. It's been quite a challenge! You also refused to eat for a few days, but then went around telling me all day how hungry you were, but when I offered you food, you refused to eat any of it. I was happy when that week was over and I'm glad you're eating again!
You are really getting good at puzzles this month. You have some 24 piece Thomas puzzles and love to put them together over and over and over again. So much so that the pictures are starting to peel off, which excites you because then we get to use the glue! to glue them back on! You can name all the different trains which still astounds me because I can't even get them all straightened out and some of them look the same to me!
We went to Seminole to help the Schatzels move in this weekend and I'm already looking forward to all the memories we are going to make on that little farm. You ran back and forth with Ben and Des to Pop and Gaga's house and treat them like they were your own grandparents: walking in the door and asking for snacks! Gaga knows the way to your heart: m&ms! Even after the boys went to the football game, you were a big help by playing nicely by yourself, or trying to entertain Genevieve, or offering to help paint! 
We've started having a family memory verse each week and you have memorized them so well. But the more you get in your head, the more you start to jumble them up when you say them. It's still pretty cute. We talk about what the verse means throughout the week and how you can apply the meaning even in your 3 year old life. You have great questions and come up with some creative ways to "serve the Lord" and "Be kind to others." I know it will be one of my greatest joys in life to see you growing in your faith and loving others in this world, and I pray that although I'm not perfect, I will be a good example to you and will be able to help your little spirit grow as best as it can using the talents you are blessed with! I love you so much!



kmom said...

Dear Olivia,
You look so cute in your dressy black and gray outfit. Your purple boots are pretty. I'm glad you don't mind getting your hands messy to paint beautiful pictures. You are doing super with your Bible verses. I was so touched when you quoted the verse from Joshua about serving the Lord and asked me how I serve the Lord. Papa and I love you so much and look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving, Lord willing.

Anonymous said...

Happy 38 months sweet Olivia. I am so glad I got to spend so much time with you last month. You are growing up too too fast. And growing into such a sweet, smart, beautiful young lady. I'm so thankful your mommy and daddy are training you in the Lord so you will one day want to become a part of our "forever family" and not just our earthly family. I love you so much, Grandma P.S. Thank you for the jelly fish you brought to Branson. I thought of you every time I looked at it.

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