Friday, November 16, 2012

Shanny Monday at the Museum

Hey Liv, wanna go to the science museum with me?
Did I mention SHANNY is going?????
You can see that THIS changes EVERYTHING!! 
Even investigating crime scenes are fun when she's around!
Only a genius like Shanny can soften my stubborn daughter's heart :)
Liv fell about 5 feet from this structure right after this photo was taken. She was ok. Maybe that's why it says only for children ages 7 and up. whoops!!
 She lay on the bed of nails for the first time.
 She loved showing Shanny her favorite parts of the museum. 
 It was a wonderful fun day that ended in a major meltdown when she realized Shanny didn't get to come home with us! 
I tried to tell her I was having a controlled silent meltdown inside too and she should try fell on deaf ears...mainly from all the screaming. We both miss you Shanny, come back soon!


kmom said...

Glad Shanny was such fun!

kmom said...

Good thing Olivia had thick clothes on when laying on that bed of nails. She probably didn't feel a thing. I didn't when I tried it. Grammy

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