Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tri-fecta Holiday: Christmas

Merry Christmas! I think Liv may never understand a traditional Christmas morning since we'll been celebrating it in 2 different months probably for most of her life! That's ok, because the more holiday cheer the better, right?
Liv's big gift from Pop was a big wheels trike. She doesn't get the pedaling part just yet, but we are having fun working on it in the driveway!
The rest of the weekend she spent playing hide n seek with Amy and Joe. She still has room for improvement.
Oh and learning to play the Nintendo. Dr. Mario of course!
We said one last good bye to Poppy before leaving the next morning. This may be my fav pic from the whole trip. 
This concludes the epic Tri-Fecta holiday post. Until next year.....

1 comment:

kmom said...

I had fun! Great picture of Amy and Olivia with their arms around each other. Cute pic of Pop kissing Olivia.

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