Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas Countdown

Day 4: The book was Olivia Claus and the activity was to make and send Christmas cards
We had 8 cards and I let Olivia decorate them however she wanted with stickers, markers, etc and then asked her who they were for so I could address the envelopes.
The 8 lucky recipients are Mommy, Daddy, Olivia, Keely, Elle, Jerri & Gayle, BenDes, and Haylie. She said we needed more cards, because she had more friends, I'll remember to get more next year!
Day 5: The book was The Littlest Christmas Elf and the activity was to make a Christmas craft.
 Haylie got to help us with some of them too! We made felt trees with button ornaments. 
Those 3 year olds are pretty good with glue!  I was impressed!
Then we made finger print candy canes. And later Liv made a footprint and handprint Santa with reindeer. Our fridge is decked out with holiday art!

Day 6: The book was The Snow Family and the activity was to watch White Christmas. 

This is a yearly must even though I usually doze off during part of it. We brought in snacks and the big ottoman and cuddled up while we sang along.

The best scene from the movie. Can you even look at this without singing "Snow, snow, snow, snow...."?

And the worst part. Look at her RIB CAGE hanging over her belt. So freaky.

Day 7: The book was a Christmas joke book from my awkward childhood days. As you can see I laugh easily at every joke and Liv has a more advanced sense of humor.
 The activity was to go to the Devon Tower Christmas activities and see Santa. I thought the big ornaments were the coolest part. See tiny Olivia in front of the biggest one?

Inside they had stockings the kids could decorate.

And a sleigh to take pictures in

And ginormous pine cones hanging from the ceiling

Liv was not thrilled to talk to or sit on any person's lap that she didn't know so we just talked to Mrs. Claus together.

and we waved at Santa as the line was WAY too long to stand in

Then we went to the Myriad to play, check out the Winter Market booths, and watch the ice skaters.

She was pretty fascinated by all the people falling.


kmom said...

Looks like Olivia is having lots of fun (and also you and Ryan.) Has she mastered the art of no glue puddles on art projects?

Anonymous said...

Mrs Santa needs a new wig! I usually nap a little during White Christmas too. But I still love the movie. Can't wait to see what card Olivia sends us. Love, Mom aka Gma

AM said...

Yikes! That rib cage IS freaky! We went to the Saturday with Santa today too! (and did not see Santa!)

kmom said...

That Santa and sleigh with footprint and handprints is such a cute idea!

Erin said...

Thank you for the Christmas card!! It was so sweet of Olivia to send one to Haylie. And Haylie is so very proud of her Christmas crafts that she made with you guys! You are awesome.

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