Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Countdown

The Countdown continues with more holiday fun, here are some things we've been up to!

Day 8: The book was a Santa Hallmark book and the activity was to drive around and see Xmas lights.
We didn't venture to Yukon but stayed closer to home and just checked out Chesapeake and Nichols Hills.
These were some of our favorite houses.
We also saw an awesome house in Mesta Park set to music on a radio station. We might just have to drive by it again because Liv loved it!

Day 9: The book was the Berenstains' Santa Bear and the activity was Christmas bowling.
We've been wanting to go to Tinker for $1 Monday bowling night with the Vasquezes, and wondered how to incorporate Xmas, so we combined the Xmas sweater wearing with the sport and voila! A cheap holiday event!
This was Liv's first time bowling and she enjoyed rolling the ball down the dino tail, but I think she enjoyed dancing on a slippery floor in weird shoes just as much!
We had the majority of the place to ourselves and she and Noah liked to rearrange the dinosaurs and sit and cheer for us too!
Day 10: The book was Olivia helps with Christmas and the activity was to go to a Barons hockey game.
There's ice involved so that seems like a Christmas-y thing right?! 
Our friends scored free tickets so of course we didn't mind going with them since we'd never been to a Barons game. 
Liv liked the game alright but after a cheerleader came to talk to her and Noah, she was more concerned about where she was the rest of the game. 
Despite all we had heard about hockey, there were no fights, however we did leave a bit early as it was WAY past bedtime, so maybe some broke out after we left.
There were lots of empty seats so if you're looking for something fun to do, check out a Barons game!
Before you think we do everything with the Vasquez's just know we TRIED to space out our holiday events together, but it just worked out that we had to do two things two nights in a row. It's a good thing we like each other! Scratch that, 3 things because we hung out the next night too!

Day 11: The book was The 12 Days of Christmas and the activity was to buy clothes for kids in need and donate them at Cocoa and Carols.
Our church was having a clothes drive for kids so Liv and I picked out some new pjs we could give. (I thought she might have fun doing that and we could talk about giving to others, but I think it still went a bit over her head.)
We took them to church that evening and enjoyed singing Christmas carols and eating yummy treats with our church family! Liv and Elle preferred to make a mess with lotion under the table while we sang. 
The kids all got to wear their pj's and parade on stage afterward. 

Day 12: The book was Christmastime is Here and the activity was the Canal ride in Bricktown! (another free activity thanks to Downtown in December!)
The pics aren't great because it was dark. We did get there right when it opened so we didn't have to wait in a line.
 She kept saying she wanted the boat to go super fast and didn't understand why it had to go slow but I think she still had fun!
She also had to pose by this fountain (in her awesome outfit that she picked out herself...could you tell?) 
We ended the night at Joey's pizza, the perfect way to end any evening in my opinion!

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AM said...

1st commenter!! :) I love the dinos and the Christmas sweater bowling! As we were walking in to church Wednesday Isabella starts repeating over and over, "I don't want to give pajamas to the kids, I don't want to." I could tell the lesson giving really reached her heart!! :)

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