Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas taking its toll on our health!

Lots of photos and looong videos in this post so sit tight and enjoy the latest in our holiday fun!

Day 13: The book was Christmas is Coming and the activity was to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the cartoon one).
I remember watching this as a child and thinking it was a movie. It's in fact 24 minutes long! Ha! Took me by surprise. We all enjoyed it even though it was shorter than originally expected!
Day 14: The book was The Snow Must Go On and the activity was to have snowmen donuts for breakfast.
Simply adorable and delicious!
 (Can you tell Liv likes her new Thunder shirt? She has worn it a LOT already and it's been in our house like a week)
Day 15: The book was Curious George's Christmas and the activity was the Christmas Pageant at church.
Liv and the other kids have been practicing for weeks (with a VERY patient Ms. Katherine) on their numbers. The younger kids sang a few songs and then got to come off stage while the older kids had a few more songs. Here are pics and video of the performance (I think she only lifted her dress once).

I understand if just the grandmas's long.
Then Ryan got to participate in a fun little number with some of the other brave men. Only a few Christmas lights were shattered during this event!
Liv wouldn't go near Santa by herself but we posed for a family photo.
She would get about 10 feet from him and he would yell "What do you want for Christmas?" She would yell back "CHAPSTICK!" But that was as close as she wanted to be by herself! And here she is with her favorite church friend, Ms. Jeri.

Day 16: The book was The Berenstain Bears Save Christmas and the activity was to go on a downtown Carriage Ride! The Shrocks and Wrights joined us (it makes it lots cheaper per family) They told me on the phone they had carriages that could seat 11....I think they forgot to bring their big one downtown that night because this was definitely a tight squeeze!!
It sat 4, but we managed to get 6 adults on with kids in laps and Landon helping the driver. It was so much fun!
These guys REALLY like sitting thisclosetogether. Can you tell?
It was a bit cold that evening, but once we were huddled in the carriage with warm blankets overs us it was a fun ride.
(Lest you think Liv is always excited for these activities here is a shot of a tantrum she was throwing before we left for the carriage ride, thankfully she perked up!)

Day 17: The book was Ten Christmas Lights and the activity was to make paper snowflakes.
Thanks to Pinterest my snowflake making skills have greatly improved since last year when they all kept turning out rectangles!
I love the way they look hanging from our lights. Liv liked playing with scissors and tape and singing Christmas songs

 Day 18: The book was Here Comes Santa and the activity WAS sing carols with the church at a nursing home....which we changed to make more snowflakes and watch Xmas movies from the couch because Liv got the flu bug and we are quarantined for a few days

She's pretty playful as long as she has meds in her, otherwise she is a snuggly hot mess....which I don't mind because how often will my 3 year old cuddle me anymore?

Now we just have to switch a few of the activities around thanks to the flu but I'm sure we can finish strong....well maybe not strong but we can finish!  :)


kmom said...

Enjoyed seeing all the fun you had. I especially liked the video of Olivia cutting the paper. Ryan's group number was very funny and entertaining. Olivia did a good job on stage.

kmom said...

Your paper snowflakes are super! I bet this is the last year she has a simple request for Santa.

ktsdad said...

I've enjoyed lots of Liv videos, but really enjoyed watching Ryan and all the other brave Dads today!

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