Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

The calm before the storm.

Just kidding. Olivia isn't much of a "stormer" when it comes to Christmas presents. She awoke at her usual time, crawled in bed with us, and after snuggling for awhile said "Oh yeah. Did Santa come?" I wondered if she would remember! We walked in slowly, and there was no outward excitement from the 3 year old.

She first noticed the Christmas pez dispensers had been filled, then wanted to see if he ate the milk and cookies, then didn't really care about her Santa presents or stocking. She wanted us to unwrap the things she had gotten us. I thought that was pretty sweet.

She made us a plate with her snowman footprint on it at Mother's Day Out. And she loved watching Ryan unwrap the things she bought with her own money. Then she was ready to unwrap her gifts.

She did get a little excited about the chapstick and gummie vitamins which is all I could ever get her to ask Santa for. He still managed to find some other things to bring her though! 
We got her a few things to unwrap and she had some things from Oregon and Idaho to unwrap too. 
And of course the traditional loot photos and a semi decent one of all of us.

Why yes those are 3 packages of ear buds....I'm rough on them!

Afterward she immediately wanted to watch the Tinkerbell movie her grandma sent her, so we curled up while the snow fell and watched it. Snow on Christmas day feels pretty magical and I don't use that word very often. Then we played with new toys and old toys.

Ryan took her out to play in the snow for a little bit.

Then we headed to the Vasquezes who invited us to their family dinner.

There was steak, shrimp, ham, AND turkey. We ate enough to last us til next week, then there were more presents!

I think Liv got more from them than she did that morning!

 She also enjoyed playing with Noah's new toys over there! Ryan and Sean got some serious video game playing time and we stayed up way too late.

On the way out the door we noticed the kids had been running their fingers through the icing on baby Jesus's birthday cake all night. Awesome. The magic of Christmas couldn't help the ginormous tantrum that was thrown when we got home, but after all the sugar and staying up late and present opening, I can't blame her too much. She slept in until 10 the next day! It was a fun Christmas in Oklahoma, but I also like being with our extended family so we probably won't make it a habit too much! 


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good Christmas. But you were very missed here in Oregon. We will be praying for safe journey for Ry till he gets home. Love much, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Snow on Christmas! How lucky!

Leslie said...

Yes! Stash photos! My fave time of year.

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