Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Family Photo

This is the first year ever that we've been in OKC for Christmas. We are usually in Branson, or Oregon, or Tennessee, or Michigan. It was kind of nice not to be traveling and to just be at home. But when it came time to take our photo by the tree....
we kinda wished someone had been there!
Hehe! We did eventually get a better one but I think I prefer this one!


Anonymous said...

I love that it shows Charlie sneaking into the stocking and Olivia's beautiful smile. Not that the parents aren't wonderful, too, but the little ones are always special. :) -April B.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about Branson, Michigan or Tennessee, but you were sure missed in Oregon. And now I see how you can get such great presents in those stockings. Those are SOME stockings. Is Charlie eating that stocking or just smelling it? We love you guys very very much. Mom aka Gma

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