Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tea and Magician!

Last Friday we had a morning and afternoon full of fun. One of the ladies at church organized a Christmas Tea for all the children. Each table was decorated so pretty with real dishes! 
Before they ate they could play with the play food. 
I liked seeing all the kids in their "tea attire"
Then Ms. Dianna explained the tradition of having tea in England. There were servers for each table and they gave the kids sugar, creamer (7up), and then tea (koolaid). So of course Liv gobbled it down asking for seconds and thirds! 
Just wait til she finds out what REAL tea tastes like! I hate to burst her bubble. She also had I think 2 cupcakes so with all that sugar this was the expression on her face the rest of the day!
Ms Danielle read a Christmas story that Olivia had a hard time sitting through.
Then I took Noah and Liv down to Lulu's school where we had volunteered to watch the 2nd-5th graders during a movie while the teachers had a holiday lunch. The movie was Arthur Christmas, the same one we saw at Harkins! Liv and Noah sat still for most of still as all the other kids anyway! Then there was a surprise magician that came so we stayed for that. Liv loved it!! 
I loved seeing her sitting there with all the kids. She looked so big. 
I guess if she were born 10 days sooner she could be there next year but she still is my baby! 
Then Santa came and surprised the kids. 
He put presents on ALL of their desks while they were watching the magician. Liv even got one! It was a day of Christmas fun and it wasn't even on our countdown!


kmom said...

Olivia will always be your baby, even when she is 30 years old or more.

kmom said...

such super nice and talented tea party ladies.

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