Saturday, December 22, 2012


Other happenings in our lives include Liv getting a belated bday gift from her fairy godmother in NYC (AKA the biggest Thunder fan in NYC) Erin came through with an awesome night gown that will one day be a shirt for Liv.
 She wants to wear it every day and has no idea who The Thunder is. Who cares because she's cute in it!
We went down to Seminole one day last week. Always a good time. Always funny when the kids get quiet to see what they are doing....usually it's ipad related.

I made an Avenger set of peg people for a Christmas gift.
Liv enjoys moving the candy cane on this felt countdown I got at a garage sale. However, she also thinks we can time travel if we just go ahead and move it to the star! (Then Christmas can be tomorrow mom, duh!)
We have been snuggling up for lots of Christmas shows and movies in the evening. Sometimes we can stay awake for the end, but sometimes not.
I love seeing all the Christmas cards people have sent! I cover this board with other cards and birth announcements, invitations, etc we get throughout the year and then every Christmas I clean it off to start a new. It's so fun to see how much people's kids have grown! (That makes me sound old but it really is!)
 There have been many different Christmas crafts that I haven't shared, but here are some....
Liv tried really hard to copy mine but I kind of like hers better :) 
 The angel they made at Mother's Day Out. It'll be hard to preserve but I hope I can!
 The popsicle stick reindeer we (or just I) made in Seminole.
 Candy Land....she still loves this game, I'm still waiting for her to learn the rules.
 Charlie. She puts up with so much. She really does.
 And lastly, Ryan took me on my 3rd surprise birthday date last night. We went to Red Prime Steak and then to a random Christmas play at the Civic Center. It was wonderful...but no photos were taken. Now I guess I get to start planning his 30th!

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kmom said...

Charlie looks like she is patiently putting up with her people.

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