Sunday, December 16, 2012

First Hair Cut: Wooly Willy Style

I've been toying with the idea in my head for months, but this weekend I put all sentiment aside and decided Sunday was it: the day for Liv's first hair cut. I picked Sunday because I heard there were free kids' haircuts at JC Penney that day, and I like free things! We talked it up all weekend and then I made Ryan photograph her beautiful long hair one more time because it was about to go bye-bye.

See those hairs at the very ends? I kissed those hairs a few hours after she came out of my body.

She twirled those hairs by her ears while she nursed. We tried to tame them the longer they grew, but they defiantly stood straight up in the air until she was 5 months old.

They turned from brown to blonde with the passing months. They've gotten oatmeal, and rice cereal, and 1st birthday cake in them.

Ok enough of that sentimental stuff before I regret cutting it! We arrived at the store only to find out we should've had an appt, and they are only free for certain ages, but the lady had a cancellation and she said she didn't care what her manager thought, she would cut Liv's for free even though we offered to pay. (We gave her a good tip)

Liv climbed up on the cushion and with a sucker in hand she sat very still through the combing, spraying, separating, and clipping.

She had a hard time holding her head still once the sucker was gone, but she was still very calm and the lovely hair dresser was so patient and kind with her. (I highly recommend Nicole at Penn Square JC Penney!)

 It took longer than I thought it would, but when we were done I had a 6 inch ponytail in my purse and a smiley 3 year old who could not care less what her hair looked like! We got gelato and watched Santa from the balcony to celebrate.

Then we came home and played Wooly Willy with the ponytail! (See past wooly willies here)

I look forward to shorter brushing sessions and more fun hair styles! 


kmom said...

This post took me by surprise! I knew someday it would happen. It was sad to see the back view, but she still looks like beautiful Olivia in the front view. Great haircut! Brave Isenbergs!

Michelle said...

ahhh that was a sweet post. I need to get my hair cut, it is out of control long and doesn't look near as good as Livs!

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