Friday, December 14, 2012

Kitchen update

I like my house because OF MY AWESOME KITCHEN!!!
The kitchen has been completed for quite some time now but as the holiday baking season is upon hasn't been clean enough for me to photograph! But in between treat baking, I cleaned it up and got some shots. Without further adieu here is the before and after!
AFTER (from diff angle)
And my fav new installation because I'm short is my spice rack that pivots down off the shelf so I can see and reach them!

I'm so proud and thankful for my talented and thrifty husband! He built cabinet doors, a bench, did demo, dry walled in patches, tiled a backspalsh, installed a sink, installed 2 lights, painted walls and cabinets, cut and installed counters, put in all new hardware, and put up with all my opinions through it all! He taught himself as he went along and did an excellent job. He would've had it done sooner if I didn't plan so many other family activities on weekends (and if he didn't have that pesky full time job) but it was worth the wait! It took about 8 months worth of weekends and I quit counting dollars awhile ago but I'm pretty positive it was all done under $2,000 and that includes the new fridge we weren't planning on having to buy! We have been casually looking at other houses for a few months and I would hate to leave my beautiful gem of a kitchen behind, but now I know what I would want him to build me in the new house too! :)


ktsdad said...

HGTV's got nothing on you! Beautiful!

The Moores said...

It looks amazing! And what a clever spice rack.
I'm having the same dilema about our house. I would love to move to a bigger house but can't bring myself to leave my beautiful kitchen that we worked so hard on.

kmom said...

Ryan and you did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the spice rack thingy. I'm proud of ya Ry. But now Katie knows what you can do so there will be no stopping her. I know of what I speak. I've kept your father busy these last 36 years after I found out how talented he was. Love you guys. Mom aka Gma

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