Monday, December 10, 2012

Newsletter: 39 Months

Dear Olivia,
My sweet feisty young girl. Lately our days together are really fun or really temperamental with very little balance of the in between. That is just life with a 3 year old, and I can't blame you since I think you get your fierceness from your mommy. Either way I love you on our good days and on our not so good days! As I sang to you before nap time a few minutes ago you hugged my neck and said "Mommy you're the best!" and that is all I need to keep me going even after a tiresome day with you my love!
Lately you've been testing out various words that you've picked up from friends or adults. You say "Oh Gosh!" a lot and your daddy and I remind you that we don't say that word. You've gotten much better at it, but you also correct others in public when they say it now! Just wait til I teach you the difference in good and well so you can help me correct the world on adjectives and adverbs. :)  Every now and then you'll say a word like "Oh wow!" then gasp and look at me and ask "can we say wow mom?"
That hair. I think we are all ready for your first hair cut. It's so beautiful, it really is, but the tangles and trials of brushing, washing, styling it are quite cumbersome. Some days the TV distracts you quite nicely and I can do all sorts of fun things with it, but most days it's just tears and screaming. I'm going to try to hold off until after the holidays so until then I'll just cherish those baby hairs still hanging out at the ends!
You pick up on things so fast. It's only been a few weeks of Christmas music but you can sing along with so many of them that you hear already! Next week is the Christmas program at church and you've been singing those songs all around the house too. I'm anxious to see if you'll actually sing them on stage next week but either way I'll be proud of you! We've still been doing our weekly family memory verse at dinner and even though some nights you are not interested in the least, I know you are listening because you like to quiz daddy and I on them and when we mess up, you correct us. You are up to 5 verses now.
The weather has just now turned cold. Last week we had a wonderful day at the park in short sleeves. Some friends came for a bit, but you and I hung around long after. We ran from monsters, hid in a nest, chased squirrels, took bear for stroller rides, and occasionally took a break to eat on the picnic blanket. You have such an imagination, and I love to play with you and see all the ideas you have swimming around in your little mind. At home you really like to build things around you and pretend it's a boat or a house or car and there's always a teeny entrance that I'm forgetting to close or blocking off.
This month you've really been enjoying the show Fresh Beat Band on Netflix. I usually let you watch one after rest time and you now request certain episodes and sing and dance along with them. You really try to copy their dance moves and it's pretty cute to watch. If we are in the car you always want whatever song is playing to be completely finished before we get out. I try to wait most times unless the song is annoying or we're running late. I hope I'm not enabling any OCD tendencies.
You asked me to take this photo of you by the backside of these statues. How could I not?
You've been having a hard time staying in your room at night for the first time in your life. You get up at least once a night to tell us you're cold or your covers fell off or it's too dark or a bear fell out of your bed. Luckily your daddy always takes care of it because with him it's a quick fix. He takes you back to bed and you're asleep again in 5 min. If I'm the one to go in with you it turns into a long list of other things you need and then the tears start falling and I have to send in daddy anyway! In the morning we have your Christmas lights set up to a timer so you know you can get out of bed when the lights come on! It works most days.
Last year at Christmas two special decorations became permanent fixtures in our lives: red bear and green bear. They no longer get put in holiday boxes after Xmas but they get to sleep with you in bed every night. This year I'm wondering if the trolls will be the next toy to join us in the house. You love to take their nativity apart every day and line them up in various rooms of the house. Just wait until you find out they have other clothes that aren't made out of socks!
We went to see Mrs. Claus the other day and she asked you if you had been a good girl this year. You looked at her and shook your head no. I laughed and said "yes you have and that you've been as good as most 3 year old little girls" and it's true. We have our ornery days, but the fun ones make up for those frustrating ones. I'm enjoying the holiday season seeing all the fun through your eyes and look forward to the next few weeks of Christmas fun with you. You make me smile every day and I love you!


Rebekah said...

In no way do I have all the answers, but something that realy helped me was coming up with the distinction "rude words" and "bad words" Brooke liked to correct other kids too and I will never forget the time she told me 'that girl said the S word, ya know...S..H" The word was shut up! This is when "rude word" was born. It helped distinguish that we are not allowed to say that in our home because it is rude, but some kids are. Then it really hit home when the actual S word was thrown out there. LOL! Just a thought, it helped me out.

Anonymous said...

How fast time is flying. I love that sweet girl. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I love you, Olivia! You get your moods from your mother. You probably get your creativeness mostly from your dad. You have great parents!

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