Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Science Live!

The Science Museum never fails to entertain my daughter and although we usually follow the same routine of things she wants to do there, this time she shocked me by saying she wanted to go to Science Live! It's the hands on science show they do a few times a day in the auditorium and they announce it over the intercom. We've been once before and the loud noises made her cry, so I have never asked if she wanted to go back! It was a week day and there were about 15 people in an auditorium that seats a few hundred so all the kids got to participate on stage if they wanted. Since Noah was there to be beside her, she surprised me and went on stage for all of it! 
She's the one in the striped pink sweater. She hit the ball propelled by the leaf blower with the bat and felt electricity by holding hands (well you can see she was refusing to hold that boy's hand)
We of course also did the usual: the round and round with the money Grammy gave her for Christmas (she shared it with Noah) 
and the face paint were among favorites this time! I loved Noah's green Hitler mustache he gave himself!


Anonymous said...

So glad she's still enjoying the science museum. Maybe I can go with her one of these days. Love ya loads. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

So glad Olivia shared her money and time with Noah.

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