Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Should Have Been the Christmas Card

I'll have the rest of the Christmas bowling pics up later in the Christmas Countdown post, but I had to share this one (for those who haven't already seen it on facebook). I really wish I hadn't sent off those Christmas cards because I'd like to change it to this one. 
No it's not staged. Olivia was squirming and literally dove out of my arms while I screamed and Ryan caught her pants right as Jenna snapped the pic. Pretty awesome!


Anonymous said...

Daddy to the rescue! I love the sweaters and the glow in the dark orange ball. Love yall. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I am so very thankful for Ryan's quick reflexes!!! (and I hope Olivia won't try that again!)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. So glad Jenna caught this.


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