Monday, December 24, 2012

The End of the Countdown

Day 19: The book was Frosty the Snowman and the activity was to make a Snowman Pizza.
After we baked it, it didn't look as much like a snowman so here's the before! 

This was also the day Olivia found out she does not like Olives. 
Day 20: The book was the Santa Claus Book and the activity was to buy our 2012 Hallmark Ornament
Some years we try to buy one that represents something that happened in our family that year, other times we just really like a snowman one with moveable parts, other times there's only 3 left to choose from, so we pick a random one! This year we picked a baking related ornament since we made lots of fun new Christmas treats (and for other various holidays throughout the year.)
 Liv got to hang it when we got home!
 Day 21: The book was Jingle Bells and the activity was to bake Christmas Cookies
I finally perfected non spreading dough using this recipe. I think the catch is rolling it out and letting it sit in the fridge for a long time. And making sure they go in the oven still chilled.
But next time I might wanna half it since it made 70 cookies!

It took 2 days worth of decorating to get them all done!

But they sure turned out cute!
Day 22: The book was The Christmas Cub and the activity was make a Gingerbread House
Not from scratch, but one of those store bought kit ones.
I love this photo of Liv licking her lips. Every time she would eat a candy or some icing she reminded us "I REALLY like icing mom. I LOVE candy dad."
 It's not as elaborate as that year Shanny and I were snowed in, but it was still fun!
 Does anyone actually ever eat their gingerbread house? Liv was ready at breakfast to chomp into it, but I was saving it til Xmas day...but by then it might be brick hard. We'll see!
 Day 23: The book was Rudolph and the activity was Skype Christmas carols to others.
 Due to Liv's attitude, this didn't go so well but we did get to talk to our families and attempt some singing! We even had a 3 way call between Oregon on the TV, TN on the ipad, and us in OK.

 Confusing but fun! She was anxious to show Grammy and blue bear the gingerbread house.
She may have been ornery during the skype sessions but we had a lot of fun on Christmas Eve. It was fun for Ryan to be home with us on a Monday. We played lots, went to a special Christmas service with the Vasquez's at their church, ate at Chick-fil-A (mmm peppermint shakes!), took naps, wrote a letter and colored a picture for Santa, then Santa called Liv on the phone!, then we read Twas the Night before Christmas and set out the milk and cookies for Santa!
Day 24: The book was Twas the Night Before Christmas and the activity for tomorrow is to open presents from Santa! Stay tuned to see those pics later! That concludes the 2012 Christmas countdown!
Many people have asked if we are going to do this countdown every year. It's undecided, but Ryan and I are thinking of shortening it to just 12 random days in December next year and making it more of a surprise (I'm thinking like Ellen's "12 days of giveaways" but with fun activities). It might seem like a lot, but honestly we would've done most of these things even without a countdown, it was just a good way to organize one-a-day so they weren't all piled in 3 or 4 days. So I'm sure next year we'll still do most of this stuff, we just may not unwrap books to do it! We have 12 more months to decide though ;)

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kmom said...

Hope your Christmas is merry. I don't like olives either. I adore your new Christmas ornament. Love, Grammy

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