Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Exploring the Planets from a Used Couch

This weekend it was time to wash the couch slipcovers. You'd be surprised what our house looks like without slipcovers, I promise you! (I think we own one piece of furniture to sit on that wasn't a hand-me-down and requires no coverage, and it is our couch in the living room that we rarely use. So hopefully it will stay nice a looong time!) Anyway when the slipcover comes off, you know what that means? 
Couch cushion fort time! 
Actually, not a fort but a space ship. 
And I was the commander forced to use this pink baby laptop to control the ship and our fate. 
We had a few bumpy landings but I blame the primitive computer system. It was an exciting weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

I remember doing that as a kid too. And that was obviously a long long time ago. The couch cushions are often found being used for forts, houses and an occasional u-haul truck at my house (even as we speak). Some "games" never get old. Come play at my house sweet Olivia. Love ya, Gma aka Mom

kmom said...

Glad the pink laptop is still being used. Glad Olivia is well and having fun.

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