Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

When I think about 2012 overall it seems like a pretty crappy year. Sorry but that's the nicest word I could use! Although I didn't blog about it, I feel like most months were filled with doctors appointments and health issues and new medicines and blah blah blah BUT a lot of good and fun stuff happened in 2012 and I'm thankful I have the blog to help me remember that lots of awesome stuff happened this year too! Looking over my posts, I came up with a list by months of some good stuff to remember.

January--We visited the Pinon Palace, Liv's "big girl room" was finished, Liv had her first (of many) pedicures.
February--Girls Sushi Night, Oscar Party, the start of my dream kitchen renovation begins
March--Trip to Oregon, Trip to Tennessee
April--I learned to cut Ryan's hair, Easter Party
May--Trip to Houston, playing in the ocean, Jenna's pool opened, 7th Anniversary night at B&B
June--Trip to TN, twilight concerts begin at the Myriad, swim lessons for Liv
July--Trips to Seminole begin, Olympic party, Trip to Branson, birthday party season begins, White Water, Liv's first movie
August--Des's party at Lake Eufala, Art Walk in Paseo, my kitchen is mostly done
September--Liv turns 3 with an awesome Teddy Bear Picnic Party, Grammy and Poppa come to visit, Braums tour, I learned to swim laps
October--Great grandma, Grandma and Grandpa visit, Vampire Diaries party
November--Thanksgiving in TN, girls birthday lake trip, Matt and Shanny visit, first freezer meal making experience, our first sleep over at the Schatzels new house
December--a triumphant return to zumba, Christmas memories, Liv's first haircut, my surprise birthday dates

And there were lots of small moments of fun with friends, church family, trips to the zoo and science museum, good books read (stay tuned for that post) and family fun at home so I guess I shouldn't use that "c" word to describe 2012 but I'm still hoping 2013 is a lot more healthy!

We celebrated the new year last night with the Vasquezes. I wasn't feeling too well, but playing games and laughing with friends always helps.
We had a faux countdown at about 10pm and the kids blew their horns and went wild. 
Then we all came home and crashed and it's 10:00 am now and Liv is still asleep!
Here's to making more fun memories in 2013!


kmom said...

Happy New Year! I ended up being awake and watching the guitar come down at midnight on Beal St in Memphis (on TV.) I had accidently fallen asleep several times in the early evening watching House Hunters on HGTV, so I was wide awake when the New Year started.

kmom said...

Overall you seemed to have a good 2012. You found out why you have many of your aches and pains. Your mother didn't have to come babysit for a week, although she gladly would have come and will come. I am thankful Ryan was able to take off work when needed and that you have many helpful childcare friends. May God continue to help you see your blessings and have fun with others.

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