Thursday, January 10, 2013

Newsletter: 40 Months

Dear Olivia,
This number of the months thing is getting a little ridiculous huh?  Maybe someday I'll switch it to something else but for now you are 40 months old! You seem to have grown up a lot more this month. It might have something to do with that big girl hair cut you have. Or the fact that you must've shot up an inch or two because ALL of your pants are high waters right now. Or that you no longer take a nap. Or that you say words like "actually" on a daily basis. Whatever it is, I look at you and see a little girl growing up before my eyes and thank God I'm here to witness it!
Let's go back to that no napping thing. For about a month it just wasn't worth the arguing about how long you had to lay in bed before I just let you play quietly in your room so we gave it up before Christmas and as much as I thought I would dread no's not so bad! You sleep in later, you go to bed earlier, and you still have quiet play time in your room for an hour or so every day, so I still get a little rest. If you start whining I just have to remind you that rest time isn't for you, it's for mommy to rest so I can be a funner mommy for the rest of the day, and you seem to accept this and then play happily.
Your favorite things to play with lately are definitely your legos and stuffed animals. We have built all sorts of things out of legos this month. From farms, to grocery stores, to houses, even the Devon Tower! We have to lay down a card table so you can expand your lego city to include your Thomas trains and Fisher Price barn and house. It's been fun to see your imagination at play! You like to play school with your stuffed animals and I am the teacher. We use all sorts of things to count and practice writing and learn about months and days of the week. You are so cooperative when I am the "teacher" sometimes I'd like to pretend I'm ALWAYS the teacher and not your mommy so you'll obey more easily!
At night you've been wanting all your stuffed animals to sleep with you in bed. The list of which animals makes the cut seems to grow every night and pretty soon I think you might get pushed out of bed by them! You've also been adamant about having a cup of water and TWO chapsticks on your nightstand every night. You sleep from about 7:30-8:00 but you still come in our room once or twice a night needing to be tucked back in because you're cold or some other reason. Sometimes you are very upset and I think you've had a bad dream but you still don't seem to understand what dreams are when we ask you if you've had one.
I really like to see you putting life lessons together this month. For example, I usually don't let you take stuffed animals or your blanket to public places except in the car. When we get to whatever location, your toy stays in the car. I try to explain that it's so your toy doesn't get lost, stolen, or dirty but you don't seem to get it. So I finally let you take this plastic lizard toy you got from the dentist into a store the other day. You were distracted and layed it somewhere and despite looking all over the store for it...we never found it. You weren't too distraught, but you have mentioned it every day since to me. "Mama I take red bear in the car with me, but I leave him so I don't lose him. Maybe I'll get another lizard next time I'm at the dentist?" There have been other lessons that you seem to be putting together this month too and I'm glad you are learning from your mistakes!
Other parents have always told me that if you're not a short order cook, your child will learn to eat what's put in front of them. I'm here to say this is not true. Dinner time continues to be a challenge. You eat lots for breakfast and lunch most days so we try not to make a big deal that you refuse to eat dinner (unless it happens to include one of the few foods you eat). You can hold a piece of chicken in your mouth for an hour. AN HOUR! I don't think you are starving and I keep telling myself if you are hungry you will eat what's in front of you, but your stubborn side is definitely winning this month!
You are finally at an age where I enjoy taking you to the library. You used to only want to play on the computers when we were there, but now you love to do the puzzles, sit and read, or pick out new books, Cds and movies. Last week you actually picked out the movie Pollyanna and we watched it as a family. I couldn't believe you sat through the whole thing as it is a bit over your head! We've tried to make the library a weekly event (especially so I don't have to listen to those same songs OVER and OVER again in the car!)
 Random tidbits: You've gotten extra bossy this month and use the phrase "you better" a lot when trying to tell your daddy and I what to do. You also get really enthusiatic about certain things and say "I have a good 'dea (idea)....(insert adorable sneaky face)...leeet's haaave a sucker for breakfast!!!!" You are so cute when you do this, it is hard to say no! You gave green bear a last name this month: Jujee. You told your Bible class teacher I was having a baby in September. When I asked you why you said this, you said "We ARE, we are having baby Todd." I tried to tell you he belongs to Elle's family and will not be moving to our house and that you shouldn't tell people we are having a baby, but I doubt it sunk in.
I just finished a photobook compilation of your first year of life. It hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but I can't wait to look at it with you. I find myself looking at it online and re-reading these monthly letters. I often ended the first year letters with a phrase similar too "stop growing, I want you to stay my baby." But the truth is I'm thoroughly enjoying the little girl you are right now! Yes those newborn days were sweet in their own way, but I don't miss them and I don't want you to be a teeny baby again! I want to be right we are right now, wherever now is. There are wonderful (and challenging) parts about each stage in your life and I want you to know that each one of them has been a blessing to me and your daddy. We love you so much!



Jennifer said...

She's looking so grown up! I have to say I laughed pretty hard at her telling others that you were having a baby.

ktsdad said...

It's so thoughtful of you to time the arrival of #2 offspring in September, too. Hopefully, we'll be able to be there for birthday parties:')

kmom said...

I'm glad Olivia has an imagination.

The Moores said...

Hey, Liv! I can't believe how big you're getting. George would love to play legos with you when we see you at Gma's house next month :). Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this monthly newsletters. I love reading them and getting to know our sweet Olivia better through them. I can't wait to see you all in a few weeks. Love much, Gma aka Mom

Shawn and Becky said...

An hour - really!?!?!? That's impressive!

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