Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reasons to Love OKC

A long time ago I blogged about a website I stumbled upon called Abandoned Places. It fascinated me for days...years I guess since I still check on it every now and then. This weekend I found a similar website just about sites in Oklahoma. And to top it off, they've even visited the building I've driven by and wondered about and made up stories about in my head for years: The Walcourt
It's been vacant for decades.
Rotting away. On the historical registry. Sitting there unloved.
So much potential. So many fun relics inside. 
And to make it even better they found pics inside of people that used to live there. Please just check out this photo and tell me you don't think of at least a dozen different stories about this couple in your head. 
If you're bored check it out! I have a feeling my sis-in-law Carrie will be seeing if Idaho has a site like this now! Now I've got a long list of other places to drive by and pretend I can save :)  


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's my long lost brother Zippy and his girlfriend Pippy. I always wondered what happened to him. If you see him out and about in OKC be sure and tell him "hey" for me. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

The Moores said...

Ughhh, I want the Atoka First Presbyterian Church. What a beautiful building! It just hurts to see such amazing places like those wasting away. I will be checking to see if there's a web site like this for Idaho :).

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