Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sports Combination Sensation

The Gold's Gym gods must have heard that I really like Zumba and that I really like the pool, because this month they started having Aqua Zumba classes. I'll let you pretend this is what I look like while booty shaking under the water. 
This is what I actually look like. 
(I stole this photo off facebook that an instructor took. I'm thankful it's a blurry one of our backs) Can you tell which one I am? I'll never tell :)  If you'd like to stay true to that new years resolution you made and want to check it out with me I still have a bunch of Gold's passes they handed out a few weeks ago. Or you can join me for land zumba which is less wet but people can actually see you shaking your's a toss up really!


Leslie said...

you have to be kidding me! It's like the birth of water aerobics all over again!

kmom said...

Glad you are exercising and you like it.

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