Sunday, January 06, 2013

Thoughts on The Hobbit

Sooo I know this is two movie posts in a row but I've been spending all my free time finishing up Olivia's First Year photo book in Shutterfly...2.5 years isn't TOO late to get it done! Anyway I haven't had time to upload recent photos or anything, but Ryan and I did manage to see The Hobbit this weekend so I figured I should share my thoughts.

  • First of all I loved the movie. I loved the movie WAY more than the book, but that's probably because it's different from the book.
  • It's going to be made into 3 movies and I'm still not sure how, other than the fact that they've put a lot of things in the movie that aren't in the the book, but I hear it's all part of the Tolkein legendarium. (No I didn't know that phrase off the top of my head, but google did) 
  • To me, more info made it more interesting. For example, in the book Gandalf disappears a few times, and it's casually mentioned he's taking care of the evil necromancer. Huh?! That's all that's said. But in the movie they delve more into that story, and the back story of the adventure, and what the dwarves are doing when Bilbo isn't around, etc. so that's why it's long
  • It was way scarier and darker than I imagined when reading the book. There were a few small children in the theater and I wanted to beat their parents.
  • Smeagol is great, creepy but great
  • Why can't the eagles just fly them all the way to the mountain?
  • I like the theme song and I keep humming it.
  • Why are some of the dwarves noses large and some of them not? How old are they?
  • I LOVED the dwarves hair. What fun it must have been to be a costume/hair stylist on this movie
  • And how fun to be a set designer, I want to live in the hobbit hole in the shire!
  • Did anyone else think the goblin king MIGHT have a thyroid issue? What was that thing on his neck?
  • The actor who plays Bilbo is great! When I saw him on Sherlock I actually said, "He looks like a hobbit!" Of course I might've seen a preview for the movie already and subconsciously knew that was him but who knows.
  • I wonder what Mr. Tolkein would've thought about the adaptation of his books.
  • I wonder what the deal is with J.R.R. Tolkein and George R.R. Martin. Do all fantasy authors have to have R.R. as their middle initials?
  • I want to read The Lord of the Rings books at some point in time.
  • Why do dragons like gold? They don't spend it on anything, just sleep in it. It's weird.
  • I kept thinking of the Colbert Report when the eagles screeched.
  • I get confused between trolls, orcs, and goblins. They are all equally gross and scary to me.
  • I need to incorporate the phrase "feeling a bit tookish" in my main vocabulary
  • Gandalf and Dumbledore must be related right? Such lovable grandfatherly wizardy people.
  • Have you seen the movie? What did you think?


Anonymous said...

Haven't and probably won't. I'm still waiting for a chance to see Les Miserables. Mom aka Gma

guy said...


1. The eagle question bugged me a lot too.

2. The goblin king was so gross i couldn't look at him.

3. My understanding is that the next movie will be the confrontation with the dragon, and then the 3rd movie will be the journey back to the shire.

4. Just a warning, i thought the Hobbit book was so good and then wanted to read LOTR. i did not think reading LOTR was nearly as good as reading the Hobbit.

5. What stood out to me was that this movie was decidedly more comical than any of the LOTR movies.

6. Refresh my memory--i didn't think that Gollum was killing a goblin to eat when Bilbo saw the ring--wasn't that an addition? (i thought that in the book, it was just too dark for him to see altogether).


Ryan and Katie said...

In the book I'm pretty sure he just stumbled upon the ring before he ever saw Gollum and there was no eating of anyone.

guy said...

That's what i thought--and i'm pretty sure that the LOTR movies show it this way during one of the big back-story accounts.

One more thing too--to my recollection, there wasn't a story about a personal vendetta between the head dwarf and a head orc--isn't that a movie addition as well?

Overall, though, i really thought the movie was pretty darn good.


Ryan and Katie said...

I don't recall the book ever saying the pale orc killed Thorin's father but it might've. That whole back story was mentioned in passing in the book throughout various parts. I felt the book was more just about Bilbo so I don't remember all the details about the dwarves and the history as vivid as it was in the movie.

kmom said...

I have not seen the movie, but several of our relatives I saw in Mich liked it. Around high school I read the book and liked it. Back then, I tried to read the first book of Lord of the Rings, but it was boring.

Erica Vance said...

I thought the same thing about the eagles. It didn't make sense!

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