Saturday, January 05, 2013

Thoughts on Les Miserables

The first time I heard Les Miserables was as a kid when my dad played the soundtrack while we drove around during my sister's piano lessons. I had no idea what the people were singing about so he would tell me the story while we drove around. Then we saw it as a family in Nashville (I think) in 6th grade and we would sing along with the soundtrack on loooong car trips to Michigan every year and then I got to see it with my sister on Broadway when I was in high school. It's hands down my favorite musical, so I was pretty pumped about the movie. I saw it this week and these are my thoughts on it.

  • I give it a 10 overall and was very happy with the film adaptation
  • I do think they could have found a stronger singer for Javert but at least Russell Crowe wasn't as bad as Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia!
  • Also not a fan of Amanda Seyfried's vibrato
  • The rest of the cast was spot on though with their voices and I was impressed with their singing abilities
  • The girl who played Eponine was great and I can't believe Taylor Swift was ever considered for that role.
  • I thought the make up used for inn keepers and prostitutes was more like stage make up which may have been done on purpose, but seemed overdone for the screen
  • I really liked being able to see detailed scenes of the story that you don't get to see as well with props on stage. It made the story come to life even more
  • Except the sewer scenes. I wanted to vomit during those parts!
  • The song Jean Valjean sings in the coach to Cosette was new but seemed appropriate so I didn't mind the addition. I was glad the rest of the music stuck to the original though.
  • I wanted to clap at the end of lots of songs but that would've been inappropriate in the movie theater, however we did all clap at the very end. 
  • I surprisingly did not cry, but I did get emotional in quite a few parts. (don't judge, I don't even cry when I cut onions)
  • I hope the art museum shows a sing-a-long version in their theater someday because I would LOVE that. I might even convince my family to drive to OKC for it ;)
  • It really made me want to read the book, but I'm intimidated by all those pages. 
  • I wonder if in the book the characters have more time to fall in love with each other as it seems a bit preposterous for Cosette and Marius to love each other so deeply after seeing each other one time.
  • That's all I got, have you seen it? What did you think?


Anonymous said...

Your dad took us to see the play when you were in 5th grade. You had a lot more knowledge on it than I did, but was absolutely in love with it from there on!
My thoughts on the movie are about the same as yours. I even loved how they put in some broadway cast as I love the original Jean Val Jean. Unfortunately as you may have guessed, I could not contain myself and found that I was singing along quietly. As hesitant as I was at first about a Les Mis movie, I was very impressed with this one.
-April B

kmom said...

I thought Marius was the best singer. The poverty and the hopelessness of so many people was shown so starkly and was so depressing. For that reason, I may not want to see it again. Jean Valjean seemed to age too quickly in a few short months between rescuing Marius and the wedding. Overall, I thought the movie was very well done. It was excellent at explaining the story, which I was at times not sure about in the play.

Anonymous said...

Havent seen it yet. Can't wait!

Becky W said...

I had the exact same thoughts you did! It has always been one of my very favorite musicals. I had the same thoughts about Javert but decided that his voice did not have to be AS strong for a movie version than he would need to be on Broadway. I LOVED Eponine and Marius as well. On My Own is one of my MOST favorite Broadway songs EVER! I also have the same thought about the book but may chomp into it this year! I'll do it if you do!
I did not cry either but did clap - in more than one place. I also sang along - very quietly because Chuck and Damon did not want to be with THAT person!

AM said...

I cried a tiny bit when Fantine died, and some more when 24601 died. I hated it when Fantine had her hair cut and the teeth pulled. I agree completely about Russell Crowe, and equally, how awful Pierce Brosnan was! (I've had some "slipping through my fingers" moments lately and thought of you.)
And I thought the love at first sight scene with Cosette and Marius was a bit unbelievable.
And the sewer scenes- revolting!

Nola's Journey said...

Isn't that the play we saw with Celeste and Ashley in Junior High?

Ryan and Katie said...

I thought that was Phantom of the Opera?

Leslie said...

haven't seen it yet, but read the book in middle school under the pretense that it had my nickname in the title. sigh. thanks a lot, DAD.

p.s. all of your comments made me giggle

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