Friday, February 01, 2013

Free Mondays at the Zoo!

This weather is playing games with my heart...and my health, but Liv and I took full advantage of the 75 degree Monday and headed to the zoo! (Monday was followed by Torrential Rain Tuesday and 38 degree Windy Wednesday--Make up your mind already Oklahoma!) The elephants were definitely her favorite and we watched them for a LONG time!
Mondays are free in the winter time so with the nice weather it was the perfect day to go! We haven't been in awhile because our pass expired and quite frankly she was getting too big for me to push in a stroller all around the park, but she wasn't cool with walking the whole time yet so I just decided we'd wait awhile to go back. I'm proud to say she did just fine walking....except when we found some friends with a caravan of kids and this awesome wagon that she got to ride in for a bit.
We were so excited to finally see the elephant show, but it was cancelled for some odd reason. Liv cried. She had been looking forward to it since we got there, but I guess now we have a reason to go back soon!
Meeting up with friends is fun (for me and Liv who often says "anybody not gonna play wif me?" if it's just the two of us) but I treasure the times when it's just me and my girl. We talk much more and she wanted to hold my hand the entire time we explored the zoo which is rare. I cherish our mommy/daughter days together!
You know it's been a full day of exercise when she crashes on the way home!


kmom said...

I'll be glad to play with Olivia. So glad you took advantage of a warm day and a free day at the zoo.

Tarren and Erin said...

We enjoyed seeing you there! Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

We're having bipolar weather around here too. Today is a good day so I'm heading out for a walk. Love ya much, Mom aka Gma

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