Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Laundry Revisit

No fingers were grated in the making of this laundry soap. January 2012 was my first time to make homemade powdered laundry soap (see here). It was one batch that last me 10 months or so (!) It ran out during the holidays and due to laziness or holiday craziness or whatever I relied on a store bought brand until I made time to make more. This time I only had to buy the baking soda and a new bar of pure castile, since I still had plenty of borax and washing soda. There is no cost analysis breakdown for you, so CHEAP will have to suffice. If you want money saving advice, start with your laundry soap. I usually use one or two TBSP per load of this stuff.
Tip: Buy For Less and Whole Foods carry Dr. Bronner's soaps which are pure castile and smell awesome, but I used Zote and FelsNaptha last time and they worked too. They are more readily available.


Leslie said...

she's going to have to send over some tips. I'm always losing mine in the grater.

JanaGriffis said...

I made liquid and have really enjoyed it... mainly because it's so cheap. This is SSOOOOO much easier than what I made. I went with liquid because I wasn't sure how powder does in a high efficiency washer... or if it even makes a difference at all. I'm going to have to research that because this would be so much better.

Also, I'm extremely thankful for your tip at the end. We went to dozens of stores looking for Dr. Bronner's until we finally gave up.

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