Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Liv's Book Review

Just thought I'd share two of Liv's favorite series. By favorite I mean she knows where these are in the library and HAS to check at LEAST one out EVERY time we go. We even own one of them and she still likes to check it out.

The first one I think is by far her fav and is a series by Vera Rosenbery about a little girl named Vera. (I assume they are stories based on her own childhood, but I could be wrong). Liv can "read" all of them and I love to hear her reciting them from her room during quiet time. There's Vera's First Day of School, When Vera was Sick, Vera Rides a Bike, Vera's Halloween, Vera Goes to the Dentist, Vera Runs Away and Vera's Baby Sister. There may be more but that is all our library has! They each have a good lesson in them and although some are wordier than others, I like them so I don't mind that they are longer.
The other series is by Sebastian Braun (he has other books that we've liked too) and it's about Meeow the cat. He has some friends and they come up with creative uses for every day objects in each book. They are super short so after one read through, Liv likes that she can "read" the book herself! And sometimes she tries to act out the activities that Meeow did in the book which is also pretty cute.

Her bookshelf this month is full of Little Golden Books and Mercer Meyer Little Critter books.
Sometimes I get excited when I think about her discovering Shel Silverstein or Roald Dahl or other authors I loved as a kid. But those are still years away, so for now I enjoy Vera and Meeow with her. What books do your kids love?


Tarren and Erin said...

Liesel is really into Angelina Ballerina books which are good because they have character building lessons and she also likes Clifford the big red dog. We just went to the library today and we always pick a bunch of random books. I am excited every time we sit down to read a new bunch of books. You never know what cute stories you might find. Liesel also loves to "read" her books too. I love listening to her make up stories as she looks at the pictures.

Anonymous said...

It's my hope that all my grandchildren will develope their love for reading at an early age. Looks like Olivia is well on her way. Love, Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

how often does she get to go to the library?

Ryan and Katie said...

We usually go once a week

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