Sunday, February 10, 2013

Newsletter: 41 Months

Dear Olivia,
I really feel this month that I need to have a tag on your outfits explaining to others that you picked your own clothes. I'm sure most people of 3 year olds are aware of this (and if it's an important occassion I might intervene) but most days if you choose to pick a solid purple shirt, with purple pants, and purple shoes....I let you. And if you choose to refuse to wear a coat in 40 degrees, I let you be cold and toss one in the back seat in case you change your mind. I try to give you many choices, but you still have a hard time understanding that you don't get to choose EVERYTHING. (Like getting to eat a peanut butter sandwich at every single meal.)
Random Tidbits: If we are racing you say the phrase "I'm gonna beat you up!" Instead of I'm going to beat you. You are obsessed with finding the top of the Devon Tower as we drive various places throughout the metro. You often spy it when I don't even see it. You know when it gets bigger it means we are close to home and will shout this with glee from the back seat, "THE DEVON TOWER!!!" You've been having melt downs in the evenings if I leave you and daddy to go work out at the gym. You'll lie awake in bed until I'm home so I can hug you good night. You asked me where one of your toys was the other day and I reminded you I took it away for awhile because you didn't pick it up when I asked you too. You sighed and just said "Oh yeah, that just happens sometimes mom."
We finally got the clock in your room that lights up when you are allowed to get out of bed (7:45) in the morning and it has been a huge help. The first few mornings you woke up and it wasn't on yet so you just shouted "MOM! I'm awake! My light's not on!" Over and over again. But I'm happy to say now you understand that it will come on in a few minutes and you amble out of your room with your arms FULL of the stuffed animals you sleep with and dump them in the hallway ready for a sleepy eyed hug. Some mornings you sleep past 7:45, but it's still on when you wake up so you know you can come out. 
You got a bag of hand me downs from a girl at church and it was just in the nick of time as your clothes were all getting a bit too short in the arms and legs. Now you have a new favorite outfit and you want to wear this princess shirt and heart skirt just about every day. 
We've had some beautifully warm days for February and have played outside many times. If I'm cooking or nearby I let you play outside by yourself and check on you out the window. I love to find your play scenes and hear you chatting with your bears. When I come out and join you, you like to go on treasure hunts, hide things in the sand box, and one day we even walked to the park! I was surprised you made it there and back with only one stop to rest on the sidewalk for awhile. 
I mentioned last month that you enjoy going to the library much more now. On our trips to Seminole I make sure to pack lots of library books. They usually entertain you most of the way there and I love to listen to you read them. I'm glad it doesn't make you car sick! I always have the ipad handy just in case (you don't know that though) but last week when we got home from the hour trip this was the stack of books piled up on your lap that you were finishing! I thought it was funny that you didn't put them beside you or on the floor!
Our car time together sometimes acts as a confessional time for you. One night you just prattled off a lot of bad choices you had made that day and confessed them all to me for some reason: hitting someone, not washing your hands after you went potty, and sneaking out of your bed at night to get a book to read. I tried not to giggle because you really did just list them all off like I was a priest without me prompting anything. I didn't laugh though, I just reminded you that tomorrow was a brand new day and you could make better choices then!
I'm learning what routines help curb the daily 3 year old melt downs. They can be pretty draining so we had to set some rules and after a few weeks of them our lives are running more smoothly and there are far less tears. Our rules are that we have to make our beds before we eat breakfast and we have to get out of pajamas before we can watch any morning cartoons. If we ever forget you are quick to remind us and will say "Silly mommy, you forgot to make your bed!" Or if you want to stay in your PJ's all day and we are at home, it's fine with me, we just don't turn on the TV!
More Random Tidbits: You've been requesting daddy or I sit by you in the back seat on car rides. When it's just you and me, you still want me to sit by you even though I try to make you understand someone HAS to drive the car! You asked what was for dinner the other night and when I replied steak kabobs you said "Watch your mouth mommy!" I guess kabobs is a new word that sounds naughty! You love to paint pictures but your favorite part is just lining up the paints, opening them, choosing a brush for each, painting for 5 seconds, then putting it all away. You love to take baths and showers with me and request it often. Your reasoning skills are improving. When Noah broke his foot (before his cast) I told you to be careful because he couldn't run and walk to play, and you were quiet a second then said "but he CAN crawl on his knees to play with me!"
The random tidbits could go on forever. I try to type all the things I remember you saying that make me smile or laugh throughout the day and save them for this letter but it's hard to because you constantly say things that are funny or amusing or are just taken the wrong way in your 3 year old literal thinking mind. But it's these random tidbits that I'm always so glad I'm here for. I'm blessed to be with you each day and I love you AND your crazy outfits! ;)



Anonymous said...

I love you Olivia and can't wait to see you in just a couple of weeks. Gma

The Moores said...

Ahhh, 3 year old girls are fun, huh. The one that lives with us makes strange fashion choices, too. And you just never know what they're going to say. Keeps us very entertained.

Michelle said...

Maddie wears a Cinderella dress everyday....and if I've pried it off to wash the falling apart dress she puts on a cheerleading uniform, so dressing herself is the norm here. She also is obssessed with wearing a skirt with pants underneath and not brushing her hair. I hear ya on the battles!

kmom said...

Glad Olivia has reasoning skills and a conscience. I'm looking forward to seeing her next month.

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