Thursday, February 07, 2013

Pick Pick Pick, I'm a little chick.

The Schatzel chicks are 2 days old! And we went to visit them....and the Schatzels of course.
Last time Liv went after their chicks with a fork. This time she was much gentler and even learned how to pick them up, hold them, and put them down without fatally wounding any.
It was a hazy day but that didn't stop the kids from playing outside all afternoon. 
And of course they were playing so hard, Liv peed her pants. That's how I scale her level of fun actually and since she can't remember to go to the bathroom every time we visit...I figure Seminole must be the funnest place for her!
There's always a meltdown when it's time to leave. I can outwardly control mine much more than my 3 year old can ;) We sure do wish Seminole were closer, but I'm glad it's not any further!


Anonymous said...

So cute and so tasty too. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Glad Olivia gets so many wonderful experiences.

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