Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentinesy Craft

I enjoy being crafty and Valentine's day is a great holiday to be crafty on. But after 3 years of making our Valentine's (2010, 2011, 2012) I decided Liv was old enough to have an opinion (she's got LOTS of them these days) and actually pick some from the store. She chose Hello Kitty ones that came with a cute mailbox for her to put all of her cards in. 
She enjoyed picking out which one was for which friend and even "wrote" her name on some of them before she got bored and I filled out the rest. I couldn't resist being a little crafty though and painted peg people for each one of her Mother's Day Out classmates.
Then I let her pick out finger nail polish colors at the store for her teachers at MDO and we attached a Valentine to each one.
I also cut out some hearts and Liv painted them for us to mail to some special people that we love. She's getting very good at placing stamps in the upper right corner...a little too good....OCD alert-good. There's so many good Valentine ideas on Pinterest but the other will have to wait another year!


Erin said...

I like the nail polish...I'm probably going to steal this idea :) I need something for Jace's teachers and I don't really feel like giving them a ring pop like Haylie's class mates are getting!

Anonymous said...

Olivia, will you be my valentine? Grandma loves you and can't wait to see you in just a couple of weeks.

kmom said...

Great craftiness!! (Papa and I enjoyed our valentine from Olivia.) Love, Grammy

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