Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentinesy Food

 We made this Valentine's Trail Mix for Liv's school party tomorrow, but there was so much of it we had enough to make special bags for her Bible class teachers, the church staff, and for playgroup on Friday. 
I can't vouch if it is delicious or not since I'm trying to eat Paleo this month and absolutely nothing in this colorful yummy mix is on the approved foods list. 
Oh well. It was a great lesson in self-discipline not to bite the head off the chocolate teddy grahams or nibble on strawberry wafer cookies or suck on a salty pretzel or chew some yogurt covered I need to go eat a clementine to curb my sugar craving! And while I may be eating healthier this month, I am in no place yet to bring healthy treats to holiday functions, but maybe in the future!


kmom said...

Looks yummy! I think it would be very hard not to eat the broken bears and broken pretzels. Great will power!

tricia said...

i'm trying to eat paleo at least 75% of the time and i am struggling! so. hard. for me its cutting out the dairy!

Anonymous said...

Laura actually sent CARROTS (as per the teachers request) for a treat at Violets school valentine party. CARROTS!!! What is the world coming to. They're not even red or pink! I'm a terrible Grandma and went and bought some Go-gurts for her to take too.

Leslie said...

ya, how's that paleo thing going? how long? recipes? etc? cost difference? c'mon, give us the deets!

Ryan and Katie said...

gimme more time Leslie, I can't properly evaluate the experience in 14 days time.

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