Monday, February 25, 2013

Who Are You Wearing? Oscar Night 2013

The Isenberg Annual Oscar Party was last night and the festivities were bigger and better than last year. 
Formal dress was once again required (unless you were going to a Thunder game) And the cast of characters included some really talented and beautiful people. Allison is a new up and coming actress I think we'll be seeing a lot of. 
Even though Lauren gave an outstanding performance she was still so shocked to win!
Sommer isn't a newcomer to the world of entertainment, but still manages to remain so humble about all of her success.
Kati has many talents that include acting AND singing. 
I'm sure she will be at the Grammy's next year!
Jenna remains one of everyone's favorites, and Seth remains one of her favorites!
And Katie surprised us all. Someone we all thought was on her way to B-list acting and Dancing with the Stars actually made a come back! 
Genevieve admits while she loves the glitz and glamour....she's really just about the after parties.
June was the youngest to receive an award tonight and has a long career ahead of her.
There were some tasty treats brought. 
Some James Bond moments acted out.
 Some awards given. 
They accept this on behalf of babies everywhere.
Ballets filled out and Bingo games won!
Despite her party girl attitude, this one can't hold her liquor very well.
I think we all loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress the most. 
But even she can't beat the style of these wonderful ladies. 
See ya next year Oscar!

(Olivia had a fun night with her daddy, Sean, and Noah but she might be nominated again next year.)


Brad Schatzel said...

FALSE. Genevieve's last name may be Schatzel, but at her core she is a Jones woman. And Jones women can hold their liquor.

Leslie said...

gorgeous, ladies. just gorgeous.

Gena said...

So glad I checked blogs today. This is one of my favorite posts all year long! Fun tradition. The only thing missing is a fall from one of the leading ladies present. Then, the evening would be complete.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Olivia wasn't up for a prize this year. Love, Mom aka Gma

lauren and brad said...

Most fun night of the year agreed. it was a blast! such cute pics!!!

kmom said...

What a party! Great planning!

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