Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Review

Thanks to all the traveling we've been doing the past few weeks, I've been reading lots, so it's already time for another book review! Liv has been reading lots too and has especially been enjoying Fancy Nancy, Angelina Ballerina, and the Froggy books.

One Thousand Gifts. I know this book was sooo 2010 and I'm the last to read it, but it's because I really tried to read her blog way back then, but could never get past the flowery language and poetic phrases, so I never tried to tackle the book. In the words of Austin Powers "It's just not my bag, baby" (Did I really just quote AP?) However, it was lying on the table in Oregon, so I read it. And I really did like the book. The style still bothered me at times, but the message was so great I didn't mind it. And I agree with her message: to practice thankfulness and having an attitude of gratitude every day, for specific even little things, is the best way to have a life of joy and the best way to bring oneself closer to God. She speaks from a life experience of hard lessons and raw emotions. I read it while in Oregon and really tried to see with new eyes what I was thankful for each day I was there. I didn't start my own journal, but maybe I will start one of sorts soon. Great read. I give it a 9.

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern.
It's my MIL's fav mystery series and it's my goal to read one each time I'm in her home. This was the second one I've read and I enjoyed it more than the first because it was about interior design (remember that time I went to college and got a degree in that....fuzzy memories). It was an easy, fast read, but I don't think I'll ever be crazy about them as mysteries just aren't my fav (I guess I could quote Austin Powers here too but that's just getting ridiculous....baby.....yeah....ok I'll stop) One problem I have with this series is I can't get a visual on the main character and you know how I am with casting a book while I read it. He has a mustache and wears plaid ties and it's the 60s but I can't picture him. Maybe there will be a miniseries based on the books and then I'll finally see Jim Qwilleran. I give it a 6.5

Mere Christianity. I can check a goal off my list already for this year: I read some C.S. Lewis and I loved it! I give it a 9.5 and recommend it really to anyone. It's a layperson's philosophical look at Christianity and was originally a radio series that later became a book. He is articulate and easy to understand and has some great analogies that I found very applicable to today even though it's over 60 years old. Some comments he made you could tell were dated, but that doesn't mean I didn't agree with him! It's basic, intelligent, inviting, and I know I will wish I can quote it when certain conversations arise in the future. Until then I'll just jot my favorites down in my journal.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened. Wow. I've been reading her blog for awhile every since Aunt Dawn told me about her, and I finally managed to read the book. The whole book is basically a memoir with never ending hilarious tangents. At times it's exhausting to read when you realize this is probably how the author's mind works 24/7, but it's also hilarious because it's someone else's mind and not yours so who cares?! I literally cried laughing so hard while reading the chapter out loud to Ryan about finding her beloved pug dog dead from a snakebite in the backyard of their new rural West Texas home while her hubby was out of town. She had to bury it herself then fight off vultures for 3 days from knocking over the "headstone" and pulling the pug corpse out of the ground. A machete is involved and while it sounds horrible and depressing....it's one of the funniest things I've ever read. I give it a 9 and recommend it if you like her blog or irreverent humor.

Speaking From Among the Bones is the 5th Flavia de Luce novel I've read. I enjoyed this one more than the last, but the first one will most likely always be my fav. I give it a 7.5. The ending is such a cliff hanger I'm ready for the 6th one! You don't necessarily have to read them in order or from the beginning to know what's going on but they do reference the other tales and characters from the other books and I have a hard time remembering them since there have been months in between reading them. I wish PBS or BBC would make this a miniseries, although I don't know who I would want to play Flavia. She is one of my favorite literary characters of all time though so they better not mess it up!

What are you reading? Got any good recommendations?
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Leslie said...

i read let's pretend on a plane and was one of those fools muffling laughter behind my hands.

Becky W said...

We read 1000 Gifts for book club last time. I loved it and struggled with it like you did. I have my gratitude journal made and ready to go!

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