Monday, March 18, 2013

First Broken Bone

And hopefully the last! Remember when I mentioned that we thought Liv might have broken her left arm 2 weeks ago in Oregon? Well fast forward to yesterday in TN when Celeste (my personal nurse practitioner and bff in TN) was over and I pointed out that Liv still can't straighten her arm, she really thought I might want to have it X-rayed just to be safe. So after feeling guilty all night for ignoring my motherly instinct and possibly maiming my child, today I called Liv's pediatrician in Oklahoma and talked to the nurse. I explained she hurt it 2 weeks ago and while she uses it and plays just fine and doesn't complain of it hurting her, she still holds it bent and can't straighten it or hang from monkey bars or anything. She said since we weren't coming home for awhile, and since Liv is still growing, we wanted to make sure it wasn't growing crooked so for peace of mind let's check it out today. So I called the Dr. here (who we've been to see 4 times in the past 2 years, so Liv and I both have records here which is just kind of silly because we live 10 hours away) and after the easiest appointment I've ever had with Liv (who has been known to fight the nurse for asking her to stand on a scale) and 2 xrays, he said she does have a fracture. Thankfully a very small one that's already been healing for 2 weeks!
You probably can't see it in the photo unless you blow it up and/or are a Dr. who knows what to look for, but there is a little crooked chip on the end at the bend. I felt horrible for about 2 second until he explained if I'd come in any sooner they might've put it in a sling, but since she's young it will heal fast and it's good for her to be using it as much as she can. He said to go back and see our ped. in OKC in a few weeks to have it x-rayed again to make sure it's still healing straight and she should regain full motion soon, just keep watching it. I guess this is the best possible scenario for a broken bone so I'm thankful it isn't anything serious! (Although secretly I was hoping it might deter her from being a lefty but all signs still point to her favoring her left hand for writing even with a broken arm!) This is the face of the "injured" girl today so don't pity her too much!
She had a fun play date with Aiden while I got to visit with my dear buddy Jessica (Aiden's mom). They just couldn't take one with both their eyes open!



Oh bummer. I was afraid of that. Well at least it's not slowing her down. =) Have fun in TN!

Leslie said...

poor, little liv! but glad that she knew she didn't need a cast. keep on playin'!

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