Saturday, March 09, 2013

Freezer Meals: Paleo Style

Oops we did it again! And just in time for daylight savings! (And by oops I mean that it was actually no accident at all, and it took a lot of planning...and in the end the planning wasn't perfect because I've got a rutabega leftover that I have no idea how it got on our shopping list.)
One day we'll make our own cookbook and fill it with ridonculous photos like these.
Anyway for about $70 a piece we walked away with several meals for our families that actually stick to my Paleo diet. (Jenna was nice and succumbed to my restrictions. Thanks Jenna!) Most recipes were either from this book or this website.
Steak n Veggie Skewers (2 meals)
Meat Crust Quiche (2 meals)
12 Egg Cupcakes
13 Banana Pancakes
12 Sweet Potato Muffins
Bacon Spinach Stuffed Chicken (2 meals)
Turkey Burgers (2 meals)
A plethora of Meatballs
Chicken Tortilla Soup (2-3 meals)
Spaghetti sauce with squash (3 meals)
Taco Meat (2 meals)
Brussel Sprouts 
A lone leftover rutabega

I'd like to thank the Ninja for this month's freezer meals. Without you there would have been a bigger mess and much sorer hands from all that choppin'! 
And as always I'd like to thank Jenna for keeping my raw-meat-phobia-meltdowns to a minimum. She's good about laughing at me while I follow her chicken drippings with a clorox wipe.


Chellie said...

I'm so glad to see you did this with these meals. I really want to do the freezer meal thing but have no idea how to start -- plus I need to do it without processed foods. You're awesome!

tricia said...

wow i am super impressed. all of these sound really good!!

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