Sunday, March 10, 2013

Newsletter: 42 Months

Dear Olivia,
I never had to "baby proof" the house when you were a wee one. Sure you got into things like most babies do, but after a few "no, no's" you usually left things alone. However at 42 months, I think you are just now reaching your truly curious stage, and it's giving me a few more gray hairs! This month you colored on the couch, somehow got into the top cabinet to sneak nail polish remover in your room, snuck out of bed at night to get books, and when I was fixing my hair one day I looked down to see you trying to cut the cord of the flat iron I was using! I shrieked so loudly you got scared and cried, but it was because I was afraid you were going to electrocute yourself! Once you calmed down we had a chat about safety with scissors and electricity. You are finding new ways to test the limits and I am finding new ways to count to ten and calm down before I respond!
One of your favorite and most pitiful phrases lately has been "Anybody not gonna play wif me?" or "Anybody not gonna be my fwiend." You say this if we are having to leave a friends house or church or if I'm making dinner and can't go outside with you. You say it in such a sad voice that it does break my heart a little, but I try to remind you daddy and I play with you lots and you always have red bear and green bear! Sometimes it works but sometimes you just don't understand why we can't be with friends or cousins 100% of the time!
Even though the weather has been warmer some days, you want to wear a skirt every day...even on the cold ones. I try to lay out choices of leggings or tights or pants that can go under them but you always seem to choose the ones I think will look silliest! I need to just start having posts about your hilarious outfits. I will say though, at times you pick out things I think will look ridiculous, but by the end of the day I find myself liking your odd 3 year old style!
The other day we were on the way to a baby shower and I thought the most confusing thing for you might be that you don't get to open the presents so I was explaining on the drive there that all the gifts were for Heather's baby and we could WATCH her open them. You started crying in the back seat softly and I asked what was wrong. You said, "but mom I can't get my bandaid wet in the baby shower or it will come off!" I told you that a shower in this sense was like a party. Baby shower = baby party. But you just kept saying "I already took a bath! I don't want to get wet!" It was confusing...but hilarious.
Our memory verse at dinner this week started with the phrase "Let us love...." and you always pointed out that I was eating lettuce and cracked yourself up. (Let us = Lettuce) While Roxanne was over the other day you were listening to our conversation and I said the word duty in a sentence and you looked at me and said "Doody is potty-talk mommy! We don't say doody!" I guess we'll have to keep working on homophones and homonyms!
We continue to have some of our best conversations in the car although sometimes they just don't make much sense. For instance:
Liv: One day we will go on a mountain and see Jesus
Me: Jesus is in heaven
Liv: There's lots of Jesuses
Me: No, there's only one Jesus
Liv: Nooooo. There are five. But there's only one Devon Tower. But lots of tower of Babels.
(I think she's getting her Bible stories mixed up in there somehow!)
At the library the other day you sat and did puzzles for so long that I just made myself comfy and started a new book of my own. Then you picked out your books and read them out loud (probably too loudly, but it was just us and the library aide in the children's area so I let you) making up stories (and names for authors) according to the pictures. It was quite the entertainment. I got a little video of you reading one of your favorite Vera books at home.
 My favorite part is the exact sentence "Sad and lonely, Vera started to cry." You are too cute!

You are really into negotiating this month. For example: If I say, "We are going to eat breakfast, then go to the library." You might say, "I know! How about we eat some candy, then go to Chick-fila?! That's a gerd (good) idea!" And I'll say, "Oatmeal is for breakfast and then the library." And you'll say "or how about a peanut butter sandwich then Noah's house and then the playground!" And I'll say, "Maybe AFTER the library we can play at the park or Noah's house." And you'll say "Yeah and eat candy and go to Chick-fil-a?!" I'm happy letting you help plan our days' events, but it's hard for you to understand why we can't do everything your way. It's amusing sometimes, but at bedtime or dinner time the negotiations are just annoying....but still cute and hard to not smile at. You give us lots to smile about every day! We love you so much sweet girl!



kmom said...

Wow! 3 1/2years old! Grammy is looking forward to playing with you next week, Olivia.

Anonymous said...

So so precious. Happy 42 months sweet girl. I love you. Grandma

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