Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Oregon Trails: Part I

We just got back from a wonderful trip to see Ryan's family in Oregon so be prepared for lots of photos. I really feel blessed to have Ryan's family for my second family. I hear so many others who have troubles with their in-laws and I'm thankful that we not only get along, but we actually love each other! We enjoyed spending time with them and I just feel sorry for Liv who is missing her sweet cousins today. I'm hoping by speedily putting this post up my mother-in-law can smile at the pics and not be sad that we are gone!
Chapter 1: The Plane Ride
The planes were mostly on time but we did have to run in Denver. (But I think I've shared before that I feel most "American" when running to catch a plane and I secretly love it.) Liv did great and I enjoyed not having to schlep a stroller around for the first trip ever! Just keep feeding her and she's happy! 
Chapter 2: I remember you!
It's been about a year since we were all in Oregon last (Ryan went in September) but she remembered her cousins and remembered Grandma's toys. When it was nice weather the kids went to park, played in the alley, held chickens at the Kronewitters farm, and went to the library. The adults sat around chatting, occasionally escaping to go antique shopping or to the movies or to the DQ (I saved my one blizzard til the end of the trip and it was worth it!)
What is more disturbing: Nolan teaching her to use a gun or the knife he has pointed at her back?
My first born....nephew that is.
Chapter 3: Safari Sams
One day the kids got to go to Safari Sams, a big indoor play area with a jungle gym and bounce houses. Liv had so much fun she may or may not have broken her arm at some point. She's complaining less and less every day and using it more and more so we figured we'd wait a few more days before dragging her to get an xray which I'm pretty sure they'd have to sedate her for since she won't even stand on the scale at the doctor's. So for now we're hoping it's just sprained or bruised. They all had a lot of sweaty fun!
Chapter 4: Great Grandma's House
I love the photo of Liv running up the driveway to see Great Grandma. We got to have lots of quality time with her. She even made me some special paleo bread while I was there. We had coffee breaks at her house and picked flowers to take to Great Grandpa's grave. 
Chapter 5: The Slumber Party
One night all the cousins got to sleep at grandma's house for a slumber party. There was popcorn and movie watching and lots of fun. Liv and Alice didn't make it through the movie and slept on grandma's floor. The older kids didn't last much longer.
Chapter 6: Ryan's Birthday 
We had a belated 30th birthday party for Ryan with LOTS of people and LOTS of desserts (that I successfully stayed away from but was very tempted). 
Even Becky came!!
Liv is telling Auntie Jo what she did with the Christmas money she sent her "I put it aaalllllllll in my piggy bank"
Chapter 7: Oklahoma Bound
With princesses and Tinkerbell in tow we headed home for another uneventful (thankfully) day of flying. I'm already enjoying our week in Oregon again just by looking at these pics!


Erica Vance said...

I've enjoyed looking at these photos to start off my snow day off of school/work! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the walk down memory lane. Those are great pictures. I'm glad you made it into a couple of them. I had such a wonderful time and loved having all my chicks back in the hen house with me for a while. I'm thankful you made it home safely. Hope you're having a good day today. And I hope Olivias arm is even better today. I love my Oklahoma kiddos. Come back soon. I'm looking forward to seeing Ry next week. Love, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Glad your trip went well. Glad the weather cooperated.

Leslie said...

1. i love seeing these kids!
2. olivia looks, like, so old! i mean, tall and grownup and it's crazy.
3. what are they staring at in that circle?

and that is all.

Ryan and Katie said...

good question, Ryan was the photographer on this one. You know what they say "what happens in the alley, stays in the alley...."


We love love love you too! I really did luck out in the sister in law department. We miss you much already! Soooo glad you got to come out!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had an awesome time! I'm glad I got to share in your visit too, though I did feel like I was party crashing. :) Thank you again for the Star Wars pegs!! I'll post the picture soon! Jessica Van Winkle

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