Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Product Review

Liv used to wake up at the same time every day. Then she got older and her wake up time wasn't very consistent. After waiting a few months we decided 7:45 was a good median time of her waking up that she could come out of her room so we set a christmas light timer to her lamp. Then her lamp would come on at 7:45 and she would know it's ok to come out of her room! It was working great until she started playing with the dial. Then it would come out at 3am or midnight and she thought it was ok to be awake. ha. Or sometimes she would be sleeping in and the lamp was so bright it would wake her up which is ok, but if she wants to sleep longer, I'm all for it! A few of our friends had this clock and liked it, so we decided to get it.

It's a bit pricey, but I'm loving it. It glows yellow as a night light for awhile when they go to sleep. Then you set the time (which is behind a panel so she can't play with the buttons) that it's "ok to wake", and it glows green to let them know. So far the only problem has been on a few rare stormy mornings she has slept WAY past 7:45 and the green glow goes away after 30 min or so, but then I just go in when I see she's awake and tell her it's time for breakfast! (at 10:30am shortly followed by lunch). It seems to have helped her night wakings SOME, but we still hear the pitter patter across the hall way some nights, or the even scarier "thisclose to your face when you wake up" midnight visit. Anyway I think it's a great product, I'm just surprised no one has come up with a cheaper version knock off!

P.S. I don't get any money for saying I like this product, but I wish I did!


Erin said...

I have this clock on my wish list on Amazon. We currently don't have any issues with random wakings and both kids sleep in til atleast 7:30...but I just think it would be cool to have anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

You can set it to stay on longer after the programmed wakeup time if you want to. Audrey's never slept in past the 30 minutes, but it can stay on for up to an hour or maybe two.

kmom said...

Great idea with the timer and the light. Super smart kid. Great clock. You can learn alot by sharting with others.

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