Monday, March 25, 2013

The Rest of the Tennessee Waltz

Before the rooster interrupted my train of thought and my sleep, here are the rest of the pics of our time in TN last week.
We were so thankful to get to spend time with my grandparents from Michigan who were on their way down to Florida to thaw out. 
Grandad and Liv played all sorts of wacky games as you can see!
 (This is not technically how you play this game, but it is when you're with Olivia!)

Yesterday in the car Liv sighed loudly and said "I miss my sugar booger." (Sugar Booger = Papa)
It was pretty cute. She sat in sugar booger's lap on his lunch breaks every day and snuggled while watching cartoons.
She got lots of playtime with Grammy too but I didn't get as many pics because they played a lot outside, even in the cold, and I prefer to stay indoors when it's cold!
 Thanks to all that outdoor play though Liv slept great every night!
We did get to go to the park one warmish day. 
There is actually one metal merry-go-round left in the world and it is in Henderson, TN.
Aunt Amy and Liv had a slumber party 2 nights in her bed. She loves playing with her and Uncle Joe.
Pop was there of course and Liv even got to participate in  fire drill at Southern Oaks one day.
With all these people around and only one kid to entertain....I got to relax a LOT! I read 3 books (plus 2 on the car ride home). I watched a bit of HGTV and got to have a girls' night with Celeste one night. 
It was a wonderful trip, we stayed well (except for that broken arm part) and I was able to stick to my diet with a few cheats: I can't say no to Little Deb's rice krispie treats! Now we are counting the weeks until we will see them all again this summer! It sure was good to see Ryan though and the expression on Liv's face when she sees her daddy after a week of being gone would melt anyone's heart!


Anonymous said...

That is one terrific (and may I say "limber") great granddaddy. I sure wish we had that merry-go-round in one of our parks here in Newberg. Those are so much fun. Glad you're home safe. So are we. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Jana + Ryan said...

That video is so precious!

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