Friday, April 26, 2013

Arts Festival 2013

Yes she critiqued art with Piper 
and played lots at the gardens 
and posed by yarn covered trees
But we all know that food is the real reason we go! I think Liv will just call this the cotton candy festival.
Sadly as SOON as we got to the festival, the realtor called for a showing of our an hour. And it was the one time we left it in less than stellar condition...I believe a couch fort was in the play room. So Ryan graciously offered to run home and tidy and get Charlie while I stayed with Liv and friends. But he made it back in time to enjoy some art....and a huge brownie sundae
and a blue icee.


kmom said...

Glad you live close to that park. Ryan didn't have too far to go. That brownie sundae probably rewarded him.

Anonymous said...

I guess all of those "Katie" books are giving her an appreciation of art. Her appreciation of cotton candy, icees and brownie sundaes come naturally (from both sides of the family I'll bet). Love you guys. Thanks for letting us Skype. Great Grandma got a real kick out of it and I loved seeing ya. Mom aka Gma

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