Saturday, April 06, 2013

Book Review

Free Range Kids. I loved this book. LOVED. Someone recommended it to me on my blog like 2 years ago and I just now got around to reading it, but whoever you were, thank you! It's written by the infamous media blasted mom who let her kid ride the subway alone when he was 9. It's a humorous look at how fearful we are as parents today compared to generations past and how according to statistics....we are really overreacting. Crime rates are down and our country is a pretty safe place. Yes your child might be abducted by strangers, but they have about a 1 in 1.5 million change and yes it would be horrible if it was your child, but there is a much greater risk of dying in a car wreck, house fire, or being molested by someone you know and yet we don't keep them from going places, staying home, or hanging around our friends. Anyway I recommend it to anyone and I think you'll find some humorous things along with tips that will make you less anxious about raising kids today even if you don't agree with all she says. I give it a 10.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I ran out of books that I brought when I was in TN so I browsed my childhood collection and decided to read this gem. It's super short and Ryan and I enjoyed the movie (whoa, it's already been over 3 years?!) so I wanted to visit the book again. It's cute and I look forward to reading it with Liv along with Matilda, The Witches, and other Roald Dahl books when she is older, but I can't really rate it since it's a kids book and that's hard to do, but I do like it!

The Old Man and the Sea. Another pick from my shelf in Tennessee that I read on the first leg of the drive back to OK. I read it in high school, but remembered nothing about it. It reminded me a lot of Castaway since there are really no other characters in the book (save the boy on a few pages) except the old man and the elements of nature. It's pretty depressing, but a good tale of the human spirit. I give it a 6.5. I recommend it to anyone who has ever had a volleyball named Wilson. Teehee. (Get it?)

The School of Essential Ingredients was a book Lo recommended to me from her book club. (When we get together now it's like we have a book club again because we are each in one and can talk about twice as many books and then recommend them to each other!) This was one of those books that seems super cheesy from the blurb, but I really enjoyed it. The author does a wonderful job of peering into the lives and emotions of the various people who are attending a cooking class and shows (similarly to facts proven in The Power of Habit) how by changing or adding something positive to one aspect of your life, you naturally start to make other healthy habit changes in your life and become a better person. Lots of great quotes in this book. I give it a 9 and recommend it to women.

The Happiness Project was the pick for book club this month. I hate to be negative about such a positive book but I just wasn't a fan. I think I would've enjoyed this much more following her blog the year she did it, rather than reading it all after the fact. The whole book was basically like reading John Tesh's Intelligence for your Every Day Life (and I'm not a John Tesh fan). She researched 12 specific areas...VERY thoroughly....about ways to improve her life (marriage, parenting, money, fun, etc.) and focused on one area per month and wrote a book about it. I didn't really learn anything new, but she had some good quotes. She was kind of annoying to me in her over-analyzation of everything. Happiness is a worthy goal (and one that I should work on too), but happiness isn't a quantifiable thing so I never have appreciated any study on measures of can't measure it! There was good advice in it and some cute stories but overall I wasn't a big fan. I give it a 6.

What are you reading?

Liv's bookshelf for the month has her Katie Meets the Artists Series, Ladybug Girl books, and various Scholastic books.
She's also really been enjoying Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip from the library.
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The Moores said...

I think I'm going to see if my library has Free Range Kids. Sounds like something my boys would want me to read now that they are getting old enough to become a little independent.

Anonymous said...

There's a new Katie book out that Grandma needs to get for Olivia. I'm just finishing up a book you might enjoy. It's The Girl In The Blue Beret. True story about a man who fought in WWII and later went back to France to meet the people who helped hide and rescue him. Love ya, Mom aka GMa

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