Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Sunday

I love it when my hubby wears a tie!
I really think Thanksgiving and Easter are tied for my favorite holidays. They are both holidays full of meaning, families and friends come together, there's good food, and while of course there is commercialism around them both, I don't feel like it's overkill unlike other holidays. We did have an Easter basket for Liv on Sunday morning.
She got some new snack bags, some snacks, socks, pez, a new Bible, and her favorite....some Princess gummy vitamins. That girl loves her vitamins!
After class and a wonderful service there was a massive egg "hunt" at the church park. 
It's so funny to watch the kids grab one, run past 100 eggs, grab another, run past another 200, grab one's so arbitrary but cute.
Me and my sweet girl!
She's gotta inspect that candy.
One of our members even brought some little goats for the kids to pet. Liv loved it! 
This Easter bunny was non-threatening enough for a picture.
After church we had lunch at our house, then family fun at Mesta Park in the gorgeous weather, then a delicious dinner with all of Jenna's family. I didn't get any pictures, because Liv and Noah were playing so well I was told not to mess it up by taking any pics. :) 


Anonymous said...

I love that family picture. Could you please put an order into Walgreens for an 8x10 and I'll pick it up and pay for it at the Newberg Walgreens. Love, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I like seeing my sons-in-law in ties. Olivia looks so pretty in that dress and sweater. You all look great! Glad you had good weather!

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