Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gilmore Out!

I finished the series. 
Here are some thoughts I had during and after.....
  • Luke needs to keep the cap on or keep his hair short
  • I cried during Rory's high school graduation speech
  • A fireplace in her dorm room? I know it's Yale, but really?
  • So Rory's sister is born and then nothing much is said about her until season 7 and even then not much. 
  • I feel like they did that a lot...played up a story line and then just let it drop for awhile.
  • Dean...bad idea. Jess...good idea. Logan....worse idea than Dean. Please end up with Jess.
  • Sookie and Loralei are growing dearer to my heart
  • Richard's mustache = worst idea ever
  • I love seeing moments when Lorelei and her mother connect
  • Babette is still my favorite character on the show
  • Liv watched a few episodes with me and although sometimes the relationship with Rory and her mom isn't ideal, I do hope we resemble them in some ways.
  • Kirk as Tevye in the children's Fiddler on the Roof. Probably my favorite moment of the entire show.
  • Sookie and Jackson and the weed might be second favorite moment.
  • And Paris's excitement about getting into all the graduate colleges immediately followed by the loathing of having to now make a tough decision is my third.
  • I like that Luke is a good father to April, but that whole story line was kind of kooky to me. I feel like all of it was just introduced so Lorelei could write that character reference for the judge.
  • Paris, while still annoying, has grown on me, Michelle never did though. He was a pretty moot character in my opinion. 
  • I hate the theme song, but love that little guitar riff they play at certain times, it reminds me of this song by Simon and Garfunkel that I love
  • Ms. Patty started shrinking in season 7.
  • TJ looks like Matt Leblanc's ugly brother and Liz reminds me of the mom from Boy Meets World. The first time I saw her I thought it was her.
  • They named their baby Doula...ha!
  • And the twins are Kwan and Steve? I thought Doula was bad enough!
  • I usually either love or hate an episode without much middle ground.
  • I really can't believe Logan has been around for this long. What is Rory thinking?! Two words: Smarmy McSmarmisan.
  • Luke throwing the Bon Voyage still my heart.
  • I still wish Jess had shown up in the last episode.
  • Taylor's speech to Rory...bahahahahaha!
  • Great finale episode.
  • Overall I liked the series. It really is some of the worst acting by certain people, BUT some of it is just the style and quirkiness of the show. I can see how episodes would grow more endearing and quote worthy the more times you watch it. 
  • So what should I start next??? I really don't want to get into the Dr. Who cult. I've been saying I would watch Battlestar Galactica and Alias for awhile but haven't. I also hear good things about White Collar. Ryan and I are rewatching Arrested Development since the 4th season will be coming out soon on Netflix. Any other recommendations?


kmom said...

White Collar is so good. Dad and I like it.

Anonymous said...

I vote Alias! It was my favorite show when it was on. I was in high school and I would make sure my homework was done early so I could watch it. I've got season one on DVD if you want to borrow it!

Benay said...

I agree that the best parts of the show are when Emily and Lorelai are getting along. I disagree about Logan, but that could be just because I hate Dean with the fire of 1000 suns and anyone is better than him. The stupidest plot line to me is when they got back together after Rory was at Yale. Boo. You knew they wouldn't stay together. I always wanted her to get with Marty.

Jana + Ryan said...

I denied Doctor Who for a very long time until recently & now I totally understand. But I also understand why people don't like it. In my opinion, the last three seasons make it all worth it. The Doctor is ADORABLE.

Considering you took the time to watch Gilmore Girls, it makes me slightly less embarrassed to tell what I've watched in the past year & thoroughly enjoyed... Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters, Lost... I know there's more...

We started Freaks & Geeks last week & I'm really enjoying it. It's only like 2 small seasons too so it's a nice change from all of the long series I've watched.

Anonymous said...

Love this post. I have seen all of the episodes as well.

Jonathan and I love White Collar and I looooove Alias (Ryan would love both of these as well).


Anonymous said...

Doctor Who is awesome, and it's totally worth the effort to watch it. I'm sure you're resisting to "join what everyone is into", but my husband started me and I had mixed feelings until it just grew on me and I loved it! If you do watch it, Netflix has some episodes out of order and not included so I can let you know which ones to watch when.

Numb3rs is a great show, I starting watching it. It's logical and makes sense and involves solving crime with hot Jewish guys. That's good enough for me!

My Little Pony is awesome, and whenever the kids watch it I want to watch it too (and I do most times). Good morals and funny as all get out.

That's my two and 1/2 cents. Jessica Van Winkle

Michelle said...

I loved the finale too! It was great! You probably wouldn't like the shows I watch....but I'm totally addicted to Castle and The Lying Game.....there are several other shows. Drop Dead Diva is funny.

Shawn and Becky said...

I can still watch that show all the time . . . Really loved it. The other guilty pleasure of mine is One Tree Hill. Loved that one too . . . and I'll even admit to Gossip Girl too. I know, but I get addicted to the characters and then, well I'm watching full seasons and can't miss an episode!

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