Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I dunno about you, but I'm feeling twenty-twooo

(I really thought Miley Cyrus sung that song til I googled it...I never guess Taylor Swift correctly)

Nothing like a good milestone in your life to remind you that you are in fact a grown up and not a kid anymore. I remember feeling this way when I got married, got a job, quit a job, had a baby, bought a car, etc....That whole "Am I really old enough to be doing this?" feeling. Selling a house seems to be a similar emotion inducing milestone for me. Here's the update:
  • The house we had an offer on (NOT the short sale I blogged about) got more offers last weekend. Since our house didn't sell in 72 hours (shocking!) and we didn't really want to have 2 mortgages, we let it go. 
  • I won't bore with you emotional details, but I got through it with lots of Easter candy, tears, late night conversations with my husband, and prayers. Probably the prayers helped most of all....or the chocolate, it's really a toss up.
  • We did keep our house on the market though and have had five showings in the past week.
  • We are still looking at other houses. 
  • We still have an offer on the short sale house. It's a long shot though. 
  • If you know anyone interested in our house you can send them to this link. Our realtor said we should be hearing feedback from the showings this week.
  • We got a new garage roof this weekend and are still making small improvements here and there. 
  • Our house is so clean all the time it's a little ridiculous. I'm hoping I might be able to keep this "our house is for sale" mentality even after we move....but I'm not gonna place bets or anything. 


Jana + Ryan said...

I've told the world about your house... except for people I really don't want to live next to in my life... I'm sure it will sell in no time. I love your house! It's so nice & adorable & perfect for anyone that loves the look of older homes without all the work that they usually require. I totally know how you felt when Shaun sold our house. I want to creep on everyone interested & run a thorough background check. hahahaha.

kmom said...

Glad you have a new garage roof. Good luck on finding a wonderful house that you get to buy for a great price with hasslefree work to do on it. Good luck selling your house for lots of money. I will keep praying for you. Becoming a grandparent was a major milestone for me. (I must be old now.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get the house you wanted. I'm thankful prayer is helping you cope. I personally have NEVER had problems coping with life changes. (We all know that isn't true). Thanks for loving me anyway. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

what an exciting time! albiet, stress inducing, but exciting! also, maybe it'll help you remember which one t.swift is if you watch this video on repeat.

Ryan and Katie said...

Ahahaha! Thanks Leslie

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