Tuesday, April 02, 2013

It's been awhile

Goings on as of late in list form
  • Liv's broken arm was checked out by her ped. yesterday and it's doing great. Still no monkey bars for   2 more weeks though
  • We are still no where further on the house situation, but are ready to hire an engineer to look at the house so we can give a more accurate bid and either keep being patient with it, or move on.
  • We finished this season of The Walking Dead....can't believe there wasn't a cliff hanger finale though.
  • Ryan's been building a homemade projector for us to watch movies outside. But then he found a steal of a deal at our church garage sale so we were able to watch something outside last week. It was pretty cool!
  • I'm almost done with Season 6 of Gilmore Girls.
  • Charlie is still alive and here she is for proof
  • After 2 months I'm still on my diet, but I'm not being as strict. I'm feeling great and have weaned off of 2 medications. I'm still on one until I talk to my Dr. later this month.
  • We pulled no April Fool's jokes the other day, but this one is pretty awesome!
  • Liv's been pretty clingy to me lately. She gets upset if I leave her with daddy to go to the gym. The other day she asked "Do YOU wanna go to the gym with ME, Mama?"
  • I got a sunburn outside yesterday while Liv and Noah played. Today the temp dropped 40 degrees and was windy and rainy....not cool Oklahoma.
  • I shopped in the new grocery section of Target on May today. I wasn't impressed except for their new carts, they are so quiet and easy to manage it's almost creepy.
  • I've been thinking a lot about how many of Liv's friends will be starting Pre-K this year. I'm thankful her birthday is after the cut off date so I don't even have to decide what to do about sending her or not. All the teachers tell me it's better when they are older anyway. Schools do play a bit of a role in deciding where we want to move too.
  • I've also been thinking about what I want to do with myself when Liv goes to Pre-K. It's still far off so I haven't been thinking TOO hard.
  • Ryan got a lot of yard work done this weekend (when it still felt like spring) so I hope all this rain makes the grass seed sprout! 
  • He's also been working on our windows. Replacing rotten wood, scraping, painting, caulking....really not fun stuff, but he does a great job at it!
  • Liv and I are watching the forecast and looking forward to planting flowers soon. She says she will be Rosa fairy (from Tinkerbell) who is in charge of making flowers bloom. I hope it works! We can usually only make it a few months before they start looking pitiful.
  • It's 8pm and I can barely stay awake in this rainy weather, so goodnight!


kmom said...

Hooray for Ryan and the great window work! Glad Olivia's arm is healing.

Anonymous said...

Homemade projector? Or homemade screen? Please share whichever w/ pics when you can. Leann and I have talked about doing this for our church group w/ small kids on a lovely evening.

Thanks! Ryan Woodard

Leslie said...

thanks for the shout-out! thought of liv the other day after a lonely post-dallas day as i walked around town and thought to myself, "no one is going to play with ME?"

i just saw that kids have had gratifying success with planting chia seeds (ala chia pets!) in garden beds. put a bunch in a shaker & fairy that garden up! i think they grow basically overnight or something.

Ryan and Katie said...

Both...I'll have Ryan email you about the projector. It is made out of an overhead projector and an LCD screen I think. The screen is just a shower curtain that we hung from the patio roof. But the projector we used was the one he bought for 5 bucks at a garage sale.

devon lorraine ... said...

oh my gosh, where have i been, liv broke her arm????

both my father and brother(but NOT myself, mind you) have seen every single episode of gilmore girls and regularly reference specific episodes to each other.

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