Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lorelei is influencing me

I think I've been watching too much Gilmore Girls because I'm starting to act a bit like Lorelei. Just look at all this junk I let my daughter eat while we had a movie night last weekend!
I might've had some too. We watched Brave. I wasn't a fan; she seemed to like it ok, but got scared in quite a few spots. Nothing a little jelly beans, chocolate pretzels, and popcorn couldn't fix though! I love mother/daughter nights with my sweet girl! Next thing you know she'll be off to Yale and I'll be dating a diner owner and opening an Inn in a historic New England town. Get it? If not then go rent Gilmore Girls!

(The explanation of the braids can be seen in the photo below. I think it turned out pretty cute with no crimping required!)


Shannon said...

Man I can never get into that show because they talk soooo fast that I totally miss what is happening!

Anonymous said...

As long as the diner owner is named Ryan. Your movie snack choices look very yummy to me. Love, Mom aka Gma

Michelle said...

I love Gilmore Girls.....I watch it every time it comes on

kmom said...

I'm with Grandma about the diner owner.

Leslie said...

because of lorelai, i thought it was a decent aspiration to be a single mom. like from the first episode I watched until...well, bc i'm currently with child with a husband that appears to be sticking around, maybe i should say that it is no longer an aspiration?

(but if i catch a really good rerun once in awhile, i still hang onto the "dream") (because Im normal like that)


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