Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Newsletter: 43 Months

Dear Olivia,
My sweet girl, I just finished reading a book called The Happiness Project and although I didn't like the book that much, one phrase has stuck with me from it: "The days are long, but the years are short." How true it is. Your fluctuating ups and downs that are typical of any 3 year old can make the day seem to last for eternity....but then when I look back on all your newsletters, time has flown by. How is it possible?! The roller coaster of your emotions reminds me of my own turbulent adolescent years and I try to empathize at times: happy, laughing, then immediately screaming and crying, then jubilant, then frustrated again all within minutes. It never makes much sense, but I've quit trying to understand it and just roll with the punches! 
Some of your tough feelings this month have come from packing up things, cleaning, and putting our house on the market. I'm not sure how much of it you understand. I've tried to tell you the basics, but you've teared up quite a few times when we talk about it. At first you thought we were selling ALL our things, and I explained our furniture, clothes, and toys will go with us to a new house. Then you thought our house was being taken to a store to sell it (the market?). I've tried to point out different friends of ours that have moved, and how you enjoy playing in their new houses. You've definitely been listening when we talk to our realtor, Keith, because you like to talk on your toy cell phone around the house using real estate jargon. It's pretty funny. After Keith left the other day, you came in and said "So is our house on the market now?" I said yes. You sighed and just said "I hope we can take the table and chairs!"
The phrases you say daily are so hilarious I try to type them in on facebook so I remember them by the time I type this letter. Here are a few from this month:
At the park one day you said "There sure are a lot of peckers here." My eyes about shot out of my head as I asked you what you meant. You said "Woodpeckers, in the trees, you can hear em." I just reminded you to use their full name when you talked about them.
You came running in the bathroom the other day and fell down very hard and started crying. I picked you up and asked what you hurt. You said, "The ground."
You pulled in the scale from the bathroom, stood on it, and asked "how many minutes do I weigh?"
When daddy told you he couldn't read you a picture book because there were no words in it you said, "I know, I guess the library forgot to sell it some words."
You had your first broken bone (left arm, avulsion fracture) this month that went undiagnosed for 2 weeks, so it was pretty uneventful with no cast, just instructions not to swing from it for a few weeks. When we went to the pediatrician to check on it, we were waiting in the lobby and you whispered to me "Do you think Dr. Julie will take a screwdriver and screw my arm off?" I couldn't help but laugh and reassure you she DEFINITELY would not be doing that. I have no idea where you got that idea!
We had lots of fun around the Easter holiday with the party with friends at our house and the big egg hunt at church. You had lots of questions after we read the Easter story in your Bible about heaven and Grandpa Butcher being with Jesus. One day you came to me crying and said you didn't want to be with Jesus forever in heaven, because you didn't want to leave green bear and red bear. I tried to explain that the best times you have with your bears won't even compare to the joy we will feel in heaven, but that was too hard to comprehend so I told you to talk to Jesus about it and see if they could go with you one day. ;)
Other random things from this month:
You are constantly asking what time it is. I have no idea why because you don't know what times correlate with what hours of the day and you can't read a clock but you sure do feel the need to know!
You are really into "preaching." You use a wooden tv tray as your podium and say "Holy word, holy word" a lot and something about "Safely day." I think our preacher would be proud.

We had a really great trip to Tennessee....except for the first time you got car sick. I don't think it was the motion of the car as much as it was the amount of queso you had eaten at a restaurant the night before. Either way I sure was glad Poppa and Grammy were with me since they are old pros at cleaning up puke in the car (because your mama used to be quite the queasy traveler once upon a time too). Unfortunately you yaked in the middle of a construction zone so we couldn't pull over for awhile. When we did we just had to do the best clean up we could with a pack of wipes and some kleenexes. We stopped at a friends house in Memphis to give you a bath and covered your carseat with towels until we got to Henderson where I could learn how to completely dismantle it and wash it. Thankfully you stayed well the entire time we were there, we had lots of fun, and you had no more tummy issues on the way back. (But I also made sure you didn't eat a lot of junk the night before we left!)
I have mixed emotions when I think about you and selling this house. You are three and a half. Will you even remember this place? I feel like now is the age when your long term memories will be starting, but what will you remember? I have so many fond memories of planning your nursery, building your play area (then actually playing in it with you!), rearranging things in tiny closets to find room for toys, your bassinet in the hallway, rocking you in your room, waiting on the porch for daddy to come home from work, holiday parties with friends in the backyard. I'm thankful for the times we have had in it and who knows, there might be tons more to come if it doesn't sell! Either way I'm grateful for the memories made, for being able to share them with you, and for the way we will be able to look back together through these letters one day if you don't remember!
I love you,


Anonymous said...

Happy 43 sweet Olivia. I'll say that now since I most likely won't be around when you have your REAL 43rd birthday. Gma loves you very much.

Michelle said...

Cooper remembers everything from "the Pittsburg house" so I bet she'll remember your house, you've been there much longer then we were at Pitt!

kmom said...

Olivia already has an excellent memory, so she will remember her first house. Wish we could all be together more. I think it was Amy that was concerned about heaven and whether there would be a swing set there. I told her there would be because I didn't want her to needlessly worry. Of course green bear and red bear will be there. God explained heaven in terms we understand. Maybe there will not actually be streets of gold, but it will be every bit as grand as that. He probably would have used different imagery if talking to little kids.

kmom said...

I enjoyed seeing Olivia skip and ride her mother's old tricycle.

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