Sunday, April 28, 2013

Not Exactly Ascot

 Last year I was so bummed that Liv's nap and our kitchen renovation kept us from the Extreme Animal Races at Remington Park. So I was determined we make it this year. (And we all know I'm a sucker for free events in OKC...and the more obscure the better!)

THOUSANDS of other people felt the same way because it took 30 minutes to even get to in the Park from the exit! It was nutso. We saw one horse race with Noah before they left.

Sadly we didn't see any of the "extreme animals" because they didn't start it until the 6th horse race was over. Since this was my first horse race I had no idea there is about 30 minutes of nothing between each race (I was thinking 6 races would be done in 30 min or less!) So basically you watch this....
...then sit for 30 minutes before you see another. If we'd been better prepared with a picnic blanket and some things to keep us entertained I might've lasted for the 3 hours until racing ostriches (I doubt I could've made it 4 or 5 hours in for the camels and zebras though) but we were lucky to last for 2 horse races.

We sat right by the fence and the horses did trot by in between races and Liv really liked seeing them (and the dirt sprayer and tractors that came by.) I wanted to leave after one race, but she begged to see another so we stuck around awhile.

I was pretty disappointed, but so were several other hundreds of people leaving early that we heard griping about the false advertising. I prob shouldn't be shocked that a horse track and casino were a little misleading. Oh well, I'll be better prepared for next year! 
Maybe I'll channel Audrey and come donned in something like this....
or this.....
"Come on Dover! Move your bloomin' ***!" 
It's my fav movie.
I think I might watch it while I go to sleep tonight...and dream of racing ostriches that I missed.


kmom said...

At least what you saw was free. Can you arrive late just to see the extreme animals?

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes, we will know that for next year :)

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