Thursday, April 18, 2013

Severe Weather Snack

You only THOUGHT I was kidding about the popcorn during weather crisis....
She's been in training for awhile....remember when.
Last night we watched Damon Lane, maybe next storm we'll try Gary England. I'll give them each a fair chance before I decide my fav.
(While this storm was going on I was also finding the landlord of the shoddy property next door on facebook and we were discussing the construction work and how it affects our property and the sale of it. Maybe not the usual way of discussing serious real estate matters, but he was very cordial, and facebook found him faster than a phone book could!)


kmom said...

Is it that entertaining or just boring and you have to do something while you must find out if the tornado is headed for your street? Do you have new drapes in your TV room? Hope that landlord is as nice as he sounds. Did you tell him about the roosters?

Ryan and Katie said...

It is THAT entertaining! Yes, I wanted to keep the ones that were up and curtains go with the house our realtor said so I bought some plain ones at Walmart. We also had to replace the chandeliers that I'm not willing to part with. Yes I told him about the roosters, he was nice, he's in the process of selling the property though, we'll see what happens....or maybe we'll move and won't!

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