Monday, April 15, 2013

The Stripe Family

Liv is going through a stage where she wants to wear the same thing (or very similar) to whatever I'm wearing. If she has on pink pants, I need to wear my pink pants. If I have on flip flops she wants to take her tennis shoes off and change into her flip flops. The other day she wanted to wear her owl shirt and lamented "I just REALLY wish you had a shirt like this so we can match!" She begrudgingly wore it anyway....but I think we both had on jeans. This comes in handy when she doesn't want to get dressed though because I can say, "Oh look daddy and I both have stripes on, you could wear stripes too!" and instead of throwing a tantrum about having to put clothes on, she gets excited and we become a striped family.
Jenna took these goofy pics of our striped family and they made me laugh.
Our striped family joined lots of young couples after church for a picnic at the Myriad Gardens last night. I was too busy chatting to snap pictures until most people had left, but I did get a few cute ones of these buddies.
It was a beautiful night and it made me look forward to more outdoor fun with friends this spring and summer!


Leslie said...

who took that one of the two of them staring at you? i love it.

Anonymous said...

Go stripes!! Love ya, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

and Noah is wearing stripes.

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