Friday, April 05, 2013

The Way to My Husband's Heart... through a ridiculous amount of discounted Cadbury Creme Eggs after Easter. 
I've mentioned before how hard it is for me to find gifts that my husband will like, so when the opportunity presents itself (even in copiously unhealthy ways), I just have to go with it. I thought about saving them for Father's Day, but who knows what the expiration date is on these? I'm guessing they last him one month, and then I'll guess we'll be buying him new pants with a greater waistband and maybe some cholesterol meds.

(And no these aren't the kind of eggs you can eat on a paleo diet, but I think they are disgusting so they will not tempt me in the least. Enjoy Ryan!)


kmom said...

I bet Ryan is happy. Amy and I like them too.

Heather Valee said...

What a sweet wife you are!!

Leslie said...

gross. so gross. why would anyone want to mimic sucking on egg yolk? whyyyy?

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